• 1961 Wurlitzer Jukebox- Huntington Beach, CA $3000obo Ready to Sell!

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    The 2500 series came along at a time when most jukebox manufacturers were beginning to hide their record playing mechanisms as well as the records. This was a transitional period for cabinet style. It was a time when rounded edges gave way to sharp
    corners. That said, the 2500 still seemed to have a "softer" yet classy look about it with its open, wide and rounded lid glass rounded front corner moldings.

    By now, all the manufacturers had caught up with Seeburg in stereo and 200 selections, but by next year they were going to have to play "catch up" again following Seeburg’s switch to fully 'solid state' amplifiers. Therefore, the 2500 still had a nice
    powerful 2 channel, 'tube type' amplifier pushing two 12 - inch woofers and one 5 - inch round mid/high speaker.

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