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    Hello! Would you like to trade rare psych/prog records? I'm a Brazilian collector. All the best, Fabiano.

    Em quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2000 04:00:00 UTC-3, 이영기 escreveu:
    Dear friend...I'm Yung gi lee, prog/psych LP collector in kOREA

    Followings are my current list...some are added serial num.

    and noted as asterisk is NEW....and ultra rare item.

    1) 70s psych/prog rock

    Kim Tae Gon : 1st(M/M) 200$ unknown 70s prog Lp...killer long track....
    Kim Tae gon : 2nd(M/M) 400$ mixed korean feel and crimson inspired complex prog...concept album ..
    San Ul Rim : 1st (M/M, SR0090) 70$ well known korean killer psychi group
    San Ul Rim : 2nd (M/M, SR0104) 100$
    San Ul Rim : 3rd (M/M, SR0130) 150$
    San Ul Rim : 5th (M/M) 60$
    SAN UL RIM : 6th (M/M) 50$
    San Ul Rim : 7th (M/M) 50$
    San Ul Rim : Greatest hit Vol1 rare compilation LP which include early best track plus unreleased track 100$
    San Ul Rim : childrean song (M/M SR0139, 1979) NOTIES!!! only 300 copied in korea. great mega rare psych....150$ ****
    Run away : st (M/M) 350$ same vein as sand pebbles, great organ and guitar hard/psych rock
    lEE SOO MAN and 365days : st(M/M) 350$ do you like fuuz spych? If so, take this.....top notched LP
    Oh jung sun : same (M/VG+) mega rare psychi rock 350$
    Fevers : st(M/M) 300$ this is collage rock band...hard psychi....highly recommand.
    No Go Gi Ri : 2nd (M/M) 200$ San ul rim vein, high technical psychi...recommand
    Song gol mae : 1st (M/M, 1979) 200$
    Sand pebbles : st (M/M) 500$ great psychi-hard prog. collage rock group. recommand
    Littele big man : 2nd (M/M, OL-2359, 1981) 500$ well known psychi/hard rock regend ****
    Devils :st(M/M, SN0003, 1980) 500$ mysterious regend LP of
    korea....fantastic instrumental rock included*****
    V.A. : 70s collage rock compilation vol1. (M/M, JLS-120 1563) 100$ LINUS, Runaway, Oxen etc...
    V.A. : 70s collage rock compilation vol2. (EX/M, JLS-120 1611) 200$ LINUS, Sand pebbles unreleased track, last point, black tetra etc...****

    2) progressive rock in 80-90s

    East west south & north : st (M/M, DAS0166) 500$ top notched korean prog....never be find....******
    Dl Kwuk Hwa : 1st (M/M) 60$ Korean 1st political rock
    Dl Kwuk Hwa : 2nd (M/M) 50$
    N.EX.T : The reurn of next partI (M/M) limited edition 60$
    N.EX.T : home (M/M) 200$
    Born again : I (M/M) 60$ good hard/prog album
    Born again : II (M/M) 35$ good concept album
    Born again : III (M/M) 50$
    Born again : best (M/M) 35$
    Shin chon blues : 1st (M/M) 100$ Great korean bluesy-pshychi regend
    Shin chon blues : 2nd (M/M) 100$
    Shin chon blues : IV (m/m) 70$
    Poet : 1st (M/M, VIP20028) NOTICE....it is 10 copy made for promotion but never released for regular LP....Must top nocted korea prog
    master....crimson inspired folk progressive rock concept album....800$ **** Poet : 2nd (M/M) their regular LP but also great prog LP 100$****
    NOVEMBER : 1st (M/M, SPPR223) 150$ ultra rare harmornd organ used power prog group...******
    NOVEMBER : live 280$ ****
    Each&Together : 2nd(M/M, DAS0166) 350$ korean pastoral-ish good folk prog/rock, top notched key, electric and acoustic guitar...good harmony
    Each&Together : 3rd (Ex/Ex) 300$ more higher technical folky prog...as mint more than 500$ ****

    3) Folk rock...

    Kim min ki : 1st (M/M) 500$ 1st korean folk rock singer
    Kim min ki : 2nd(M/M) 500$
    V.A. : duet folk rock compilation (M/M) 400$
    Lee jung sun : 1978 (M/M) 250$ top notch folk rock in korea
    Lee jung sun : 7th (M/M) 500$
    Lee jung sun : 4th (vg/vg) 75$
    Lee jung sun : 8th (M/M) 350$
    Lee jung sun : 9th (M/M) 180$
    Yoon hyung joo : st (M/M) 200$ Ultra rare folk prog. same vein of trader horn...****
    jung tae chun & park un ok : New song (M/M) 500$ Ultra rare folk prog.****
    Si in & chun jang : forest (M/M) 150$ folk prog....rare..
    Si in & chun jang : same (M/M) 150$
    Sun flower : 1st (M/M) 350$ mega rare folk rock with female vocal
    Sun flower : 2nd (M/M) 40$
    Sun flower : 3rd (M/M) 40$
    Cho yong pil : 90 concert (M/M) 30$ Korean's MAGNUS UGGLA great rock approch Cho yong pil : vol2 (M/M) 80$
    Cho yong pil : vol4 (M/M) 50$
    The sunshine village : same (M/M) mega rare folk rock get some prog....150$

    Tell me What you wants and What you have...


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