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    The Linn Drum was designed by Roger Linn who also helped Akai with the MPC 60 It was a pioneering drum machine and it is absolutely all over the early 80s Everything from Dare to Tears for Fears, Howard Jones, Yazoo, Depeche `Mode etc etc.
    No longer available but to be honest You can find good classic Linn LM1 /9000 samples/instruments

    On Friday, March 2, 2001 at 8:03:47 PM UTC, Keith Murray wrote:
    Hi, I thought I might start an interseting thread. As a recent Synth
    convert I was intrigued by the sleeve notes which listed the instruments on the Human League`s early 80s multi platinum album "Dare". The list is as follows
    " Instruments used"
    Roland MC8, System700, JP4
    Korg 700, Delta
    Casio VLT1, M10
    Linn LM1
    Yamaha CS15
    Ok a few questions.
    What was each instrument in turn ie which where Synths etc, What was the Roland System 700 a sequencer ??. The Linn LM1 was a drum machine as I
    recall but who made it are they still around and what drum machine can do this job today?. Was this all Midi gear, did the Synths have Knobs and buttons for creating each sound individually? How hard were they to programme, What would be the equivalent set up of synths and drum machines today to do the same job ie a pc with Cakewalk /Cubase. How much did this little lot cost originally, what is it worth now assuming its still knocking around. Can we easily emulate the sounds of these early instuments on our modern instruments, if so where do we find patches.
    A lot of questions I know but i really loved this album and would like to re-create some of the sounds and feels in my own work.
    Keith Murray

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