• FS: Keith Emerson's gear (update I)

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    On Tuesday, 7 February 1995 01:18:38 UTC, David Stowell wrote:
    Concerning the offer to sell Emerson's gear, I find myself a touch skeptical. Even considering the nerve damage that Emerson has sustained, selling his equipment through the net (let alone *all* of it) seems a little unlikely.
    I also seem to recall that he only owned one GX-1, and that it was destroyed in a barn accident. (I know he cannibalized John Paul Jones', but that would now be in pieces, as well)

    I guess what I am saying is that given the trauma associated with with that kind of move, the original writer should either provide more substantive evidence (a public statement by Emerson, perhaps) or kill the joke. Because it's not funny.
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    Only just found this thread. Just to confirm that we purchased two items off the list and visited IMR in East Anglia and saw the gear with our own eyes. We also have a signed certificated from Mr Emerson to prove it, which we treasure.

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