• Q: Looking for Cool Shoes Software/DRUMMER.ZIP

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    On Monday, July 25, 1994 at 3:21:38 PM UTC-7, Alex I. Leyn wrote:
    Fellow Musicians:

    I have been searching for a good DOS-based drum/rhythm sequencing software. I
    found several on a variety of ftp sites, however only two were worth the download time. One of the programs is a Windows application and seems to do what I want. However, it is far too slow on my far too slow machine. The other program, in an archive named DRUMMER.ZIP, is a DOS application and works
    exactly the way I want. However, it is an extremely old version and is limited to the point of being useless beyond a try period. I have not been able to find the author to obtain a newer version or purchase the non-shareware version. Here are the only supplied details:

    Demo Version 1.0
    Copyright (c) 1989 by Russ Kozerski
    Cool Shoes Software
    P.O. Box 391
    Burlington, MA 01803
    (617) 229-9942

    No one picks up the phone. The directory assistance does not know of "Cool Shoes Software" or "Russ Kozerski" in the Burlington, MA area.

    If anyone know how I can reach the author and/or obtain a newer version of this sofware, I would greatly appeciate a pointer. In addition, if anyone else is aware of good commercial or shareware (preferably) drum/rhythm sequencing software for DOS, would you please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

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    At the cost of resurrecting the worlds oldest thread, I have 1000 Super Cool Drum Patterns.

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    Anyone need this?

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