• Korg X5D multitimbral use?

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    Tomi Vilenius <tomivi@sci.fi> writes:

    Could anybody tell me how to use X5D in multitimbral mode?
    Should it be set up in combi or in prog -mode?
    Everything is in the manual but a little help can't hurt.

    First go to GLOBAL mode, and make sure that the midi-filter setting is
    set to enable, and also in global mode that you have selected the right interface setting - ie MIDI or PCIF. And also set the communications speed/rate to the correct speed also in global mode. Then...
    In multi-timbral mode, you put the X5D in MULTI mode by pressing the
    MULTI button. Then you fire up your sequencer, such as Cakewalk or
    something like that.

    In multi-mode, you have 16 tracks to play with. I think they are
    labelled T0 to T15 or something like that. When you first turn the synth
    on, all the tracks will be initialised to be in GM mode. ie bank G
    sounds. So if you change instruments using your sequencer, you will see
    on your synth screen you can't get out of the G bank sounds. That is, if
    you want to use program BANK A sounds, then you have to manually scroll
    into the bank A section using your synth buttons. Once you are in the
    bank A sections you can then use your sequencer to select any bank A
    sound on that track. NOte that once in Bank A, you can't go back to bank
    G unless you do that manual scrolling back to bank G. (bank A sounds are
    PROG mode sounds). But the thing to know is that unfortunately, the
    synth has only 2 effects processors so you cannot usually get the exact effects that you desire while using multi-mode - unless you copy the
    effects of a certain program while in multi-mode (this usually isn't a
    good idea unless you are only going to use a single instrument only in multi). So in other words, you have to come to a compromise in effects setting while in MULTI- ie one set of effects for all the instruments.
    Of course this is a big limitation but can't be helped.
    And importantly, make sure that LOCAL is set to OFF at all times!
    Otherwise you get unwanted instrument sounds while you play.

    If you want to use combinations, you can copy a combination into a
    MULTI-mode track using COPY option in MULTI mode. But in order to get
    the combination sounds to work properly, you have to set the CHANNEL
    numbers on the synth to the right values while in MULTI screen.
    Otherwise you get problems. For example if you copy a combination sound
    into channels 9 to 16 (ie tracks T8-T15 I think), then you must set the channel of each of these tracks to the corresponding channel number. Ie
    in track T8 screen, change the channel number from 1G to 9, and for track
    T9, change the channel number from 1G to 10 etc. etc....Note I just got
    rid of the usual drum track (channel 10, T9 I think). The trick is not
    to have all the combination sounds coming from the initial channel 1G.

    Again, you get the effects processor limitation here.
    Also, you'll probably notice that all of the sounds in multi-mode sound
    very soft compared to as you play them in program mode. If you want to
    bump up the levels, then you probably have to go into program edit mode
    and increase the oscillator levels of the program (and don't forget to
    save the changes).

    Hope some of this helps.

    Kenny L.

    Hi, does anybody know how to save the multimode parameters once you have selected the sounds you want? the machine doesnt save these automatically I noticed. Thanks.


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