From sun shine@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 17 11:21:54 2017
    Hi guys, can someone help me choose the right keyboard?
    My budget is £200 but if the keyboard costs more i could wait a bit and buy it later.
    Now i love the arrangers styles but as far as i know workstation synthesizers are known to have way better sound quality and i don't know if there is any arranger that has as good quality sound as an workstation so i would pick the workstation synth over
    the arranger anytime.
    My only keyboard i owned was the roland eg 101 and i liked the sounds of it ,but still today i don't know if it was an arranger or a synth because the sounds were decent but the styles were very limited.
    I don't mind if if the keyboard is old and i'm thinking to buy a used: korg triton le or a triton classic/studio and install the MOSS board or Trinity plus/v3 and install the Moss board or any roland keyboard???Any help would be appreciated..

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