• blind accessibility on the Kurzweil PC3X and Roland RD-2000

    From Orlando Enrique Fiol@21:1/5 to All on Tue Oct 31 22:34:32 2017
    Hello all. I'm a totally blind keyboardist recently relocated from Philadelphia to Charlotte. In a perhaps misguided effort to upgrade my 17-year-old Kurzweil PC2X, I wanted the newly released PC3K or Forte, but settled for a great deal on a used PC3X, fully loaded with all expansion boards. Although I hoped the button layout and architecture would be similar to the PC2, the PC3X abounds in looping cursors, rows of favorites buttons and nested menus for every editing function. There is, however, a third party Windows editor for the Kurzweil that I've installed and hope to test with the keyboard soon.
    Since the PC3's pianos are the same old Kurzweil series, I'm very interested in the Roland RD-2000's modeled pianos, mostly because of the tone shaping functions: hammer noise, string resonance, duplex scale, damper resonance, lid, etc., plus tuning and voicing for each individual key. That, along with unlimited polyphony, is a huge game changer. However, I do not wish to compound my accessibility disappointment by getting stuck with yet another uncustomizable keyboard.
    If anyone owns either of these keyboards and has done extensive sound customization, please email me. I'd love a guided tour in front of the keyboards.
    Many thanks,

    Orlando Enrique Fiol
    Ph.D. Candidate in Music Theory
    University of Pennsylvania
    Professional Pianist/Keyboardist, Percussionist and Pedagogue
    Email: ofiol@verizon.net

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