• Yahama - An1x - sending patches problem

    From Rikka Schuttoe@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 23 13:38:19 2015
    Hi There,

    I bought myself a AN1x recently. Using the Yahama AN1x Editor connected with a USB-MIDI cable to my AN1x to sending bulks (patches).

    two strange things are happening:

    1. When I'm sending a single sound I get an error saying:
    SysExSize Error

    The manual says this: SysEx Size Error
    Received System Exclusive message size is incorrect.
    Confirm the size of the transmitted data.

    I have no clue how to "confirm the size", does anybody know how to do this? Anyhow the sound won't send to the synthesizer

    2. When I'm sending a bulk it takes like a minute and then it says:
    BULK RECEIVED, but actually the sounds are not saved to the AN1x.
    I see the title of the new sended patch on the lcd, but as soon as i press - or + the old patch is back again. Also when i play the keys i don't hear the sound, but this is probably because the MIDI cable is connected!

    I hope someone can help me!
    Thanks :)


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