• Korg 05R/W repair or throw away?

    From mikewaugh.sax@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 8 10:51:53 2017
    Hissing and popping sounds from Korg O5R/W
    Hi Phil ,( 4 April 2017 )
    I have the same problem with the noise , but from both audio channels .
    The hissing sounds , happens after about 5 minutes , when the module
    is warmed up , which tends to make me think it is power related .
    In addition , the total volume begins a degradation .
    (BTW , the power adapter checks out )

    I opened the module up , and noticed that there are very few sizeable capacitors,
    so I am de-soldering them , and planning on replacing these few as a start . The cost of the capacitor(s) is cheap .
    The overall interior is clean , with no electrolyte leaks .
    I'll let you know the results , as I really value this unit , that I purchased , when Korg first introduced it 1994 . I guess I'm lucky that it lasted this long , in my home studio .
    I recently purchased a used Korg X5DR , and anticipate using the two modules together in my arsenal of 8 various sound modules .
    Mike W.

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