• Popol Vuh gear on Aguirre soundtrack? Werner Herzog

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    it was an handmade choir-organ.
    every detail here: http://sanjindumisic.com/popol-vuh-and-the-choir-organ-sound-in-aguirre/

    Il giorno sabato 21 giugno 2003 13:22:37 UTC+2, dnrg ha scritto:
    Here's a question about an obscure artist - florian fricke.

    Does anyone know what gear Fricke used to produce the haunting
    soundtrack to Werner Herzog's film *Aguirre: The Wrath of God*?

    I'm wondering in particular what he used to get the choir sounds
    since, I believe, the film was released in 1972. Did they have
    Fairlights back then? Or was it an actual choir? I'd like to know what
    other synths were used on the album as well. Finally, can you make
    Popol Vuh-like material with a Wavestation?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Dana

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