• akai s2000 not booting and screen garble on switch on?

    From Andrew Taylor@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 9 12:12:41 2021
    Hi Ive aquired an akai s2000 and when switching on the s2000 there is no text on the lcd and just black squares on the top row and nothing else but if i switch on and off after short times or longer eventually i get insert system disk and the bottom row
    of front panel buttons light up red? On other times i get no text on the lcd and all 6 buttons light up red? then eventually the insert disk will appear and the bottom row buttons will light red which is normal before booting?
    The there is the booting? It does not boot at all no activity? Ive had a new OS disk sent and thats not booting? But when switching off the sampler i see a brief green flash on the drive activity light flash? Also when inserting the boot disk i hear the
    drive accept the disk but no booting?

    Does it sound like the power supply? Do the caps need re capping?

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