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    The following LP's are $1.50 each plus postage.

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    Conversations In Hollywood (interviews with Nelson Eddy, Jeneatte MacDonald, Citadel CT-6002 Robert Taylor, Bud Abbott, Frederich March,
    Agnes Moorehead, Francis X. Bushman)

    Marc Blitzstein and his theatre compositions (Blitzstein comments on "The Spoken Arts 717 Cradle Wil Rock"," No For AnAnswer" and
    "Regina" and portions of the plays are

    Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Minister's Black Veil (read by Robert S. Breen)
    Spoken Arts 941

    Julius Caesar (Mercury Theater - Orson Welles, George Couloris,
    Lexington LE7570/7575 Everett Sloane, Arthur Kennedy)

    Herman Wouk's "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial" NBC-TV (11/19/55)
    Mark56 741 (Barry Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan, Frank Lovejoy)

    Bernard Shaw: Some of his Broadcasts
    BBC REB 32M

    "Mr. President" from FDR to Eisenhower
    RCA LM 1753

    Playback 66 Decca DL 79157

    A Time To Keep: 1963 (NBC News history of the year)
    RCA LOC-1088

    A Time To Keep: 1964 (NBC News history of the year)
    RCA LOC-1096 (sealed)

    A Time To Keep: 1965 (NBC News history of the year)
    RCA LOC-1122

    Lyndon Baines Johnson: Speeches after Kennedy Assassination
    The Spoken Word SW-9405

    Authors and Actors (recordings by Tolstoy, Kipling, O. Henry and others)
    Rococo 4002

    Baseball: The First 100 Years Fleetwood FCLP 3036 (sealed)

    The Age of Television: A Chronicle of the First 25 Years
    Warner Brothers BS 2670

    Great Moments in Boxing Coral CRL 57325

    The Voice of FDR Decca DL 9628

    President Eisenhower: Inaugural speeches, Farewell speech
    Spoken Word SW-9403

    Winston Churchill: Iron Curtain Speech (3/5/46)
    Spoken Arts 917

    Winston Churchill: Address to Congress (5/19/43)
    His Master's Voice ALP 1562

    Winston Churchill: Speeches of 2/15/42 & 5/10/42
    His Master's Voice ALP 1560

    President Roosevelt: 3rd & 4th Inaugural speeches;
    President Truman: Inaugural speech
    Spoken Word SW-9402

    Coronation Ceremonies of Queen Elizabeth II
    His Master's Voice 1056/8

    The Incredible Year: 1968 CBS

    The Basic Issues: The 1964 Presidential Election
    Purchase 54101

    The Voice of Barry Goldwater: Acceptance speech;
    Statement on Republican platform
    Calendar BG-1

    President Johnson: Voting Rights Speech (3/15/65)
    Spoken Arts 915

    Vice-President Spiro Agnew: Attacks On the Media (11/11 & 20/69)
    Lava Mountain STA 235

    Famous Moments In Sports Conversa-phone CVP-816/8

    Crisis: Voices and Sounds that Created History (1936-1962)
    Decca DXSB 7194

    British Prime Ministers: 1924-1964 BBC REB 39M

    Campaigns and Candidates: Presidents on the Presidency

    On The Death of King George VI: Laurence Olivier & church services
    Caedmon TC 1003

    The Presidential Archives: The Presidency of Harry S. Truman
    Columbia P 12481

    D-Day Plus 20: 1944-1964 Columbia/Philco

    Four Days That Shocked The World: November 22-25, 1963
    Colpix CP-2500

    John F. Kennedy: The Presidential Years - 1960-1963
    20th Century Fox TFM 3127

    John F. Kennedy: A Self-Portrait Caedmon TC2021

    The Controversy (Kennedy Assassination) Capitol KAO 2677

    The Kennedy Years: 1956-1963 Longines LW-125/7

    Eisenhower: "The Good Years" - Volume 1
    (1952 Republican convention) Peace Time PT-123

    1956 Conventions: Eisenhower & Stevenson acceptance speeches
    Convention 1

    Campaign 56: The Sounds of an Election Year
    Folkways FH 5505

    Eisenhower in Asia/Khrushchev in the United States (CBS - 1959)

    The Big News of 1957 (CBS Radio)

    Adlai Stevenson: The Foreign Policy of the United States - 1961
    Spoken Word SW-163

    9:34 A.M. May 5, 1961 (flight of astronaut Alan B. Shepard)
    Columbia XX1

    Witness! (Highlights of Congressional investigations)
    Riverside 7513/4

    Chet Huntley presents Best of Washington Humor
    Cameo C 1044

    Portrait of Adlai Stevenson Spoken Arts 770

    Through Childhood to the Throne (Queen Elizabeth II)
    His Master's Voice ALP 1043

    The Eisenhower Story ABC-Paramount ABC 128


    Any of these records still available?

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