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    On Monday, April 27, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, MintMilano wrote:
    vinyl for sale
    postage US: $1.50 1st item .50 each addl
    Europe $4.00 first item $1 each addl
    rest of world : inquire
    us funds only money order preferred, checks must clear
    records are carefully sight graded, condition is guaranteed
    though I cannot guarantee musical content to be of your taste
    reasonable inquiries will be entertained
    email to reserve, please mail payment asap
    confirmation email required
    prices are firm; unsold items may be offered at reduced prices later cheerio-Mark

    A Band s/t (Siltbreeze) m-/m- $22 wacky handmade painted/collage cover,insert
    After Dinner Paradise of Replica (Rec Rec) vg++/m- $15 small sspl at top, with
    Byron Allen Interface (ACC) vg+/vg+ $20
    Amon Duul II Wolf City (United Artists) vg+/vg+ $6 small h2o on back, a few light lines on disc, gatefold
    Art Bears World as it is Today (Re) vg++/m- $12 UK, sawcut, booklet
    Art Bears Winter Songs (Ralph) m-/m- $14 insert
    Art Bears Hopes and Fears (Random Radar) m-/m- $15 gatefold orig US issue Aube Aquatremble (Stomache Ache) m-/m- $4 blue vinyl 7"
    John Bergamo On the Edge (CMP) vg+(+)/m- $8 gatefold, 1 bent corner, good percussion solos, excellent German pressing
    Karl Berger & D Holland, E Blackwell Transit (Black Saint) vg+/m- $7 3/4" notch
    BGM Back Ground Music (Vanity) vg++/m- $25 rare Japanese LP
    Carla Bley Dinner Music (Watt) m-/m- $8 Rudd, Ward, Mantler…
    Urs Blochinger Neurotica (Hat Art) m-/m-/m- $16 2LPs, postcard, box
    Bridge s/t (Independent Projects) vg++/m- $15 7", insert, not the bootleg Caspar Brotzmann Der Abend Der Schwarzen Folklore (Our Choice) vg++/m- $8 Harold Budd Abandoned Cities (Cantil) m-/vg++ $8
    Charles Bukowski Reads His Poetry (Takoma) m-/m- $20
    Craig Burke Code of Abstract Conduct (Alia) vg+/vg++ $7 45 rpm, sticker spot,
    has insert, weird songs, with Hahn Rowe '84
    Roberto Cacciapaglia Sonanze (PDU/Cosmic Couriers) m-/vg+ $10 all copies are noisy press, this one has some light lines, excellent music, printed inner Captain Beefheart Unconditionally Guaranteed (Mercury) vg++/m- $8
    Captain Beefheart Clear Spot (Reprise) vg++/m- $10 German pressing, no clear outer sleeve, slight ring
    Cassiber Beauty and the Beast (Re) m-/m- $12 insert
    Cassiber Perfect Worlds (Re) m-/m- $12 with insert
    Centipede Septober Energy (RCA) vg/vg++/vg++ $20 UK 2LP gatefold, w/everybody,
    ring & sticker removal on front
    Children Coup d'Etat Shiva of Barbeque (Public Bath) vg++/m- $4 7" ep, insert,
    Chrome Chrome Box (Siren/Subterranean) vg+(+)/vg++ x 6 $45 6 LPs, insert & flyer/small sticker removal spot on box, not bad
    Kenny Clarke Jazz a Confronto 20 (Horo) vg++/vg++ $10 stamp on label; Italy Coil Windowpane (Torso) vg++/m- $8 import press, 12", very slight ringwear Coil Wrong Eye (Shock) m-/m- $15 limited 7", green cover
    Coil Is Suicide a Solution (Clawfist) m-/m- $12 7" single, limited, UK Ornette Coleman Twins (Atlantic) vg/vg+(+) $6 sm sspl, cover kind of flakey, white label promo copy, lite marks on LP, orig issue
    Jerome Cooper For the People (Hat Hut) vg++/vg++ $8 gatefold, cc
    Curlew Live in Berlin (Cuneiform) m-/m- $8
    Bhagavan Das Ah () vg/vg/vg $8 2lp; om on the range
    Richard Davis Epistrophy & Now's the Time (Muse) vg++/m- $8 '72, Clifford Jordan, Marvin Peterson, Freddie Waits, Joe Bonner
    Eddie Davis with Shirley Scott Jaws (Prestige) vg++/vg+ $8 bergenfield addr, black/silver label, lite marks
    Dome Will You Speak This Word? (Uniton) vg++/vg++ $8 stamp on label
    Frank Dommert Kiefermusik (Entenpfuhl) m-/m- $14 Germany
    Herbert Eimert Einfuhrung in die elektronische Musik (Wergo) m-/m- $15 big booklet in German
    Booker Ervin Lament for… (Inner City) vg++/vg+(+) $4 ri of Enja title, mark on
    side 1
    Experimental Audio Research the Koner Experiment (Mille Plateaux) m-/m-/m- $15
    import 2LP
    Fred Frith Technology of Tears (SST) vg++/m-/m- $10 2LP
    David Fulton Like Chignik (Dossier) vg-/vg++ $6 German issue, water damage at
    bottom mainly on back
    David Fulton & Elliott Sharp Hara (Zoar) vg+/vg++ $8 sm wri on cov, slight ring
    Ganelin Trio Non Troppo (Hat Art) vg++/m-/m- $15 2LPs, box, 2 postcards Gestalt et Jive Nouvelles Cuisine (Moers) vg+/vg++ $12
    Friedrich Gulda Ineffable (Columbia) vg+/vg++ $8 writing on label
    Gunter Hampel Ruomi (Birth) vg-/vg $0 fairly trashed; free with other purchase
    Andrew Hill From California with Love (Artists House) vg+/m- $7 sawcut, gatefold
    Andrew Hill Lift Every Voice (Blue Note) vg+/vg++ $8 Liberty label, slight ring, shallow mark on 1 track
    Noah Howard Schizophrenic Blues (FMP) vg+(+)/m- $24 bent area on cover; tough
    to find
    Idea Fire Company Explosion in a Shingle Factory (Swill Radio) vg++/m-/m- $14
    2LPs,booklet, limited
    Incapacitants Alcoholic Speculation (Zabriskie Point) m-/m- $4 7"
    David Jackman Silver Skies (Syntactic) m-/m- $40 limited signed & numbered 7",
    aka Organum, white vinyl, unplayed copy
    Jandek One Foot in the North (Corwood) m-/m- $20
    Jandek On the Way (Corwood) vg+/vg++ $12 ringwear
    Sam Jones Plus Ten the Chant (Riverside) vg+/vg- $8 bgp; many small scratches Donald & Peggy Knaack Inside the Plastic Lotus (Hat Musics) vg++/m- $8 slight
    Paul Knopf Enigma of a Day (Playback) vg/m- $8 sspl at top
    Joachim Kuhn Paris is Wonderful (BYG Actuel) vg+(+)/vg++ $18 gatefold, free jazz, with Jenny-Clarke, Thollot, Romano, ringwear
    Joachim Kuhn Sound of Feelings (BYG Actuel) vg+/vg++ $18 sm woc, gatefold French LP/Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano '69 free jazz
    Joan LaBarbara Voice is the Original Instrument (Wizard) vg+/m- $8 ring; avant
    Byard Lancaster Exodus (Philly Jazz) m-/m- $12
    Richard Landry Solos (Chatham Square) vg/vg+/vg+ $8 not actually solos; extensive seamsplits at top; gatefold; ringwear
    Yusef Lateef 1984 (Impulse) m/m $20 unplayed copy;Nock, Workman, Black, 1965 Le Forte Four Spin & Grin (LAFMS) m-/m- $25 tough to find
    Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake the Newest Sound Around (RCA Victor) vg+/vg++ $25 general wear on cover
    Frank Lowe Lowe and Behold (Musicworks) vg++/vg++ $15 Orchestra with Bang, Morris, Chadbourne, Zorn (his first appearance on record); slight warp
    Werner Ludi & Sunnymoon Lunatico (Har Art) vg++/m-/m- $16 2LPs, postcard, box Michael Mantler No Answer (Watt) vg++/m- $10 Jack Bruce, Carla Bley, Don Cherry, text- Beckett
    Hannibal Marvin Peterson Hannibal (MPS/BASF) vg++/m- $12 2 x coh
    Cecil McBee Compassion (Inner City) vg++/m- $6 cc, stamp on label
    Mercury Rev the Hum is Coming From Her (Columbia) vg++/m- $8 10", with Robert
    Creeley (!)
    Phil Milstein Tapeworm (50 Skadillion Watts) vg++/m- $8 tape collages made to
    back up the band Uzi
    Modern Jazz Quartet & Orchestra (Atlantic) vg++/vg++ $10 # written on back,smeared;red/white/purple label
    David Moss Full House (Moers) m-/m- $8 german; duets with Arto, Zorn, Frith, etc
    Paul Motian Misterioso (Soul Note) vg++/m- $7 sawcut
    David Murray Solo Live Vols 1 and 2 (Cecma) both vg++/m- $20 2 separate LPs, Italy circa '80 sold as pair
    Naked City Torture Garden (Earache) vg++/m- $14 45 rpm full length; nice gatefold import version with disturbing japanese prints reproduced
    Oliver Nelson Sound Pieces (Impulse) vg++/vg+(+) $12 mono white label, few lite marks on disc
    New Blockaders Epater Les Bourgeois (NOP) m-/m- $60 Japan only limited #d 7" Nurse With Wound Merzbild Schwet (United Dairies) vg++/vg++ $80 original numbered pressing #352/500
    Organum Das Sonderraketenkrieg…. (Die Stadt) vg++/m- $50 pink vinyl 7", limited #d edition given away at concert in Germany,1 cracked corner of PVC sleeve
    Organum Ikon (Dom Bartwuchs) vg+/vg++ $20 12" single
    Pep Lester the Mathematical Genius of… (Forced Exposure) m-/m-/m- $12 2lps Pop Group Y (Radarscope) vg+(+)/vg++ $8
    Pop Group For How Much Longer (Rough Trade) vg++/m- $10 original printed inner
    Michel Portal L'ombre Rouge ST (Saravah) vg++/vg+ $8 couple of light marks on
    B side
    Possession the Thin, White Arms… (A Mission) m-/m- $50 coil/new blockaders/vortex campain related
    Proof of Utah A Dog a Dodo a Fool (Smiley Turtle) vg/vg++ $8 self released fold open single sheet with lyrics/cover crudely cleaned with alcohol
    Psychic TV The Revolution Will be Televised (boot) vg++/m- $12 Live 7", etching on B side
    Psychic TV Kondole (TOPY) m-/m- $12 sampler soundscapes
    Psychic TV Live at Final War$ (Trans) vg++/m- $12 Japan-only, with booklet (vg)
    Ra Can Row s/t (Eye) vg++/vg++ $12 promo copy, plain white disco sleeve, psych?
    Red Crayola With Art & Language An Old Man's Dream (Rough Trade) vg++/vg++ $10
    Rhythm & Noise Contents Under Notice (Ralph) vg++/m- $8 sm coh
    Rhythm & Noise Chasms Accord (Ralph) vg++/m- $8 cc; guests Z'ev and Diamanda Galas
    Ned Rothenberg & Elliott Sharp, Samm Bennett Semantics (Rift) vg++/m- $8 insert
    Savage Republic Film Noir (Independent Projects) m-/vg++ $6 7", letterpress cover
    Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri Toy Planet (Spoon) vg++/m- $7 sticker spot fc, german press, can solo project
    Conrad Schnitzler Con 3 (Sky) vg+(+)/m- $10 slight ringwear
    Alan Silva Inner Song (Sun/Center of the World) vg+/vg++ $20 early black & white cover, worn with ring, solos, France
    Sonny Simmons Staying on the Watch (ESP) vg+/vg+ $10 ring, sm wri front cov, early press, 3 small marks on B side
    Leo Smith & New Dalta Ahkri Reflectativity (Kabell) vg+/vg++ $12
    Warren Smith & Toki Duologue/Heritage (RCA Japan) vg+/m- $12 45 rpm Direct Cutting audiophile press, coh, ins
    Martial Solal At Newport '63 (RCA Victor) vg+/vg++ $10 1 bent corner, mono SPK Dekompositiones (Side Effekts) vg++/m- $15 12" single; slight ring
    SPK Information Overload Unit (Side Effekts) vg-/vg+ $4 orig issue, worn cover
    with tears, a few marks on LP, classic industrial
    SPK Leichenschrei (Thermidor) vg+/vg++ $10 original issue; smal wri, cover wear
    Strafe fur Rebellion Santa Maria (Touch) vg++/m- $15 small seamsplit
    Yma Sumac Miracles (London) vg++/m- $40 tough find, hilarious but good, Yma rocks out
    Sun Ra Taking a Chance on Chances (El Saturn) m-/vg++ $75 last Chicago Saturn,
    pressing not perfect, picture & title glued on white disco sleeve
    Sun Ra On Jupiter (Saturn) vg+/vg++ $150 groovy 8 1/2 x 11 sticker on plain white cover, hand collage/colored labels
    Techno Animal Ghosts (Pathological) m-/m- $8
    Test Dept Natura Victus (Sub Rosa) m-/m- $5 12" single
    Test Dept. Unacceptable Face of Freedom (Ministry of Power) vg++/m- $7 sticker
    the Work Slow Crimes (Recommended) vg++/m- $15 Japanese issue, inserts, heavy
    Throbbing Gristle Nothing Short of a Total War (Cause for Concern) m-/m- $15 UK
    Asmus Tietchens Biotop (Sky) m-/m- $14
    Ultra Zoll (Dom America) m-/m- $14 nice gatefold, with insert
    Univers Zero 1313 (Cuneiform) vg++/m- $8 light ring
    v/a Lagerhaus, Bremen (Die Stadt) m-/m- $35 7" with Organum, Tietchens, Hafler
    Trio, etc, limited #d
    v/a Minutes to Go (LTM) m-/m- $10 UK, with Burroughs, Cocteau, Derrida,Winston
    Tong, Monochrome Set, etc
    v/a Life At the Top (Third Mind) vg+/m- $10 with Coil, Muslimgauze, Possession, LPDs, etc
    v/a Decoder ST (What's So Funny) vg++/m- $12 gatefold soundtrack, with Burroughs, P-Orridge, FM Einheit,etc
    v/a Breathe on the Living (Locust) vg+/vg++/vg++ $10 2LPs, insert, mainly spoken word/Richard Meltzer,John M Bennett, Ira Cohen, Daniel Johnson, Julian Beck…
    CW Vrtacek When Heaven Comes to Town (Re) vg+/m- $7
    Whitehouse Total Sex (boot reissue) m-/m- $15 peter kurten cover; slight warp,
    plays ok for me
    Whitehouse 'Slaughterhouse' (Rectification Society) vg++/m- $25 live bootleg denver & london 1983, reissue, insert
    Whitehouse Great White Death (Come Organisation) vg+/vg++ $25 writing (partly
    removed) and tobc
    Whitehouse Thank Your Lucky Stars (Susan Lawly) m-/vg++ $8 UK
    Iannis Xenakis & Del Tredici, Takemitsu, Nono Akrata, etc (Columbia) vg++/vg++
    $8 promo copy
    La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela 'the Black Record' (Edition X) vg+/m- $60 limited #d German issue, '69, light lines on glossy cover, rare
    Zeni Geva Disgraceland (Alternative Tentacles) m-/m- $4 7"
    Zoskia Rape (All the Madmen) vg+/vg++ $12 12" single, cover wear, Coil/PTV related

    I'm interested in the Sun Ra lp Taking A Chance on Chances. I live in Canada. How much would the shipping be?

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