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    Sore Loser "is out to save the world" $6.99
    Spacemen 3 "Playing With Fire" $12.99
    Spazz/Romantic Gorilla "s/t" $8.99
    Speacials, The "s/t" $14.99
    Spunk "s/t" $5.99
    Squirtgun "S/T" $8.99
    SSD "How We Rock" $6.99(Boston H.C. band was heading into Metal ground
    Starfish "Frustrated" $8.99
    Stark Raving Mad "America" $5.99(Still sealed copy of the H.C.classic!)
    Stars and Stripes "Shaved for Battle" $8.99
    State of Fear "The Tables Will Turn..." $9.99
    Stikky "Where's My Lunchpail" $5.49
    Still Life "From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes" $6.99
    Storm Stress "s/t" $13.99 (dbl Lp)
    Stratego "s/t" $7.99
    Struggle s/t LP $5.99 (Classic HxCx) tempout
    Strung Out "Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues" $8.99
    Strychnine "Born Too Loose" $7.99
    Subhumans "Rats/Time Flys" $9.99
    Subhumans "The Day the Country Died" $9.99
    Subhumans "Worlds Apart" $8.99
    Submission Hold "Waiting For Another Monkey To Throw the First Brick"
    $7.99 tempout
    Submission Hold/Sake "Unnatural Disasters split" $8.99temp out
    Submissives "An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer" $6.99 (Features
    Members Of MDC and Pig Champion of Poison Idea) Temp Out
    Sugar "File Under: Easy Listening" $6.99(Sealed)
    Sugar Shack "Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time" $8.99
    Suicidal Tendencies "s/t" $6.99new
    Suicide Machines "Battle Hymns" $12.99
    Sunshine "Nice Songs from the Shadow Under The Moon" $7.99
    Superchunk "Come Pick Me Up" $9.99 (Latest classic!)
    Supergirls "...Not My Country" $8.99 (This Band Combines the heavy
    melodic punk (and politics) of Bad Religion and Propagandhi with the catchiness of the Descendents)temp out
    Suppression/Cripple Bastards split 12" $9.99
    Swarm AKA Knee Deep In The Dead "Parasitic Skies" $8.99 (Ex Acrid/Left
    for Dead and others)
    Sweep The Leg Johnny "4 9 21 30" $7.99
    Sweetbelly Feakdown "S/T" $8.99
    Swingin Utters "A juvenile Product of the Working Class" $8.99 Temp Out
    Swing Kids/Spanakorzo "split" $8.99 tempout
    Swirlies "Brokedick Car" $5.99
    Swirlies "Blonder Tongue Audio Baton" $7.99
    T-Tauri "Ending Deconstruction" $6.99
    Tangerine "s/t" $12.99(UK import on Creation, sealed)
    Teen Idols "s/t" $8.99temp out
    Ten o' Clock Scholar "Quietest" $6.99 (It's Da Shit)
    Terminal Disgust "The Price of War" $4.99
    Texas is the Reason "Do you Know who you are?" $8.99 Temp Out
    Thee Headcoatees "Punk Girls" $8.99
    Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 "I hope It Lands" $8.99(Sealed)
    Thrall "Chemical Wedding" $4.99
    3 "Dark Days Coming" $12.99 (Gray Matter/Minor Threat folks)
    Three Mile Pilot s/t $5.99
    Tilt "Till it kills" $8.99
    Tilt "Play Cell" $8.99 temp out
    TMA "Beach Party 2000" $5.99 (sealed)
    Total Choas "Anthems from.." $8.99
    Toxic Reasons "Independence" $14.99
    Tragic Mulatto "Chartreuse Toulouse" $4.99 (killer crazy LP ala early Butthole Surfers sound)
    TRB(Tom Robinson Band) "Power in the Darkness" $9.99 (Includes bonus LP Featuring 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Glad to be Gay)
    Trusty "The Fourth Wise Man" $7.99(Sealed latest on Dischord) Temp Out
    Trusty "s/t" $3.99
    Twelve Hour Turn "The Victory of Flight $8.99
    24-7 Spys "Harder Than You" $3.99(Still sealed KILLER mix of punk and??? These guys ROCKED HARD!)
    UFOFU "s/t" 10" $9.99 (slightly garagey early Lookout-era styled pop
    Ultimate Warning s/t $4.99 10"
    Uncurbed "Peace Love Punk Life" $8.99
    Universal Order of Armaggedon "The switch is down" $5.99 (Bombastic
    Unsane "Singles 89-92" $4.49
    Unwound "New Plastic Ideas" $8.99 Temp Out
    Unwound "Future Sound Of What" $8.99 or used $5.49
    Unwound "Challenge For a Civilized Society" $8.99(Brand new Full length
    that has that S. Youth Guitar sound you love, yet bulldozes beyond
    following any trend! Just buy it!)
    Unwound "The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train" 12" $5.99 (Re-workings of songs on "Challenge.." including an unreleased track &
    eleven minute Fisky Remix)temp out
    U.S. Bombs "The World" $8.99
    U.Y.U.S "Use Your Unedited Sense" $4.99(80's Houston Punk sealed!)
    Van Pelt "Stealing from our favorite theives" $5.99
    Varukers "Deadly Games" $15.99 tempout
    Varukers "Bloodsuckers" $16.99 (Classic import re-iss of their best LP!)tempout
    Vindictives "The Many Moods Of.." $9.99
    Vindictives "Leave Home" $8.99 (All Time Classic Cover Of The Entire
    Ramones Album. Brand New)
    V.Reverse "Children's Basic Concepts Through Music" $5.99
    Volume Eleven "Prole Art Threat" $8.99
    Voodoo Glow Skulls "Who Is, This Is" $4.99
    Weakerthans "Fallow" $11.99(Featuring J. Sampson of Propagandhi, sealed
    full lp canadian Import)
    Wesley Willis "Greatest Hits" $8.99 Temp Out
    Whatever.. "Jabberwocky" $5.99
    White Kaps "The Endless Bummer" $8.99
    Wierd Lovemakers "Flu Shot" $8.99
    Wire "1985-1990" $17.99 (UK Import only!)
    Wire "A Bell is a Cup" $4.99
    Wire "Snakedrill" $3.99
    Wire "The Ideal Copy" $4.99
    Wizo "Uuaarrgh!" $8.99
    Wizo "Kraut & Ruben" $6.99
    Worst Case Scenario s/t $8.99
    X "More Fun In The New World" $8.99
    X "Wild Gift" $15.99
    Yaphet Kotto "The Killer Was In the Government Blankets" $6.49
    Young Pioneers "First Virginia Volunteers" $8.99
    Young Pioneers "Free the Young Pioneers Now" $8.99(New 10/98)
    Zoinks "Well And Good" $8.99
    Zoinks "Panorama" $7.99 (NEW!!)
    V/A: ABC's Of Punk 12.99 LP 7" (Whirled Records comp w/Action Patrol,
    Braid, Young Pioneers, Less Than Jake, J Church, Zoinks,Sleepy Time
    Trio, Four Hundred Years, and the list goes on..)(Temp Out)
    V/A: Alright This Time Just The Girls" $12.99 (The Muffs, Red Aunts, Neptunas, Free Kitten, Los Cincos, Electrocutes, Detroit Cobras, and so
    many other girl bands)
    V/A: All Punk Rods $8.99 (Nomads, Hi-Fives, Man or Astro-man?, PeeChees, Servotron, Gas Huffer and more)
    V/A: Amnesia $5.99 (new on Ebullition w/Ordination of Aaron, Failure
    Face, Car vs. Driver, Inhumanity, Wellington, and more)(Temp Out)
    V/A: Blasting Concept vol II $2.99 (SST comp w/ Black Flag, etc)
    V/A: Burns From The Valley of the Sun $5.99 (Frontier label comp
    w/Flyboys, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, Christian Death, Young Fresh
    Fellows, Weirdos and more)
    V/A: California Takeover (Live picturedisc featuring Earth Crisis,
    Snapcase, and Strife) $5.99
    V/A: Can of Pork $10.99 new (great lookout comp with Fifteen, Blatz,
    Filth, and More) temp out
    V/A: Chunks $7.99 (Descendents, Cheifs, Minutemen, Black Flag, Stains,
    and more!) temp out
    V/A: Cracks in the Sidewalk $7.99 (w/Minutemen, Black Flag, and more!)
    V/A: Dead and Destiny $5.99 (w/Atomic 61, Mudwimmin, Mule, Love Cup,
    Action Swingers, Tulips, Mantis, Meathooks, Honeymoon Killers, Cell)
    V/A: Drunk & Disorderly $15.99 (w/The Business, Opressed, Boot Party,
    and more)temp out
    V/A: The 51 Comp $9.99 (w/Converge,Locust, 400 years, Seein' Red, & More!!)Temp out
    V/A: Fat Music Vol IV: Life in the Fat Lane $3.99
    V/A: Food Not Bombs Benefit Record Vol 2 $7.99 (w/Palatka, Constatine Sankathi, Drift, Swallowing Shit and more) Temp Out
    V/A: Gaba Gaba Hey $8.99 (Bands Covering The Ramones: Bad Religion, Mojo Nixon, L7, DI, Groovie Ghoulies)
    V/A: Give Me Back: $5.99 (W/ End Of the Line, Downcast, Born Against, Struggle, Econochrist, and More)
    V/A: Guillotine 10" $12.99(classic comp with Roky,The Table,Avant Gardener,Penetration,Poet and the Roots(LKJ)
    V/A: Hang 10 w/ the Queers, Cub, Beatnik Termites, The McCrackins and
    more!! Temp Out
    V/A: Heartattack #10 $5.99 (Amber Inn, Jihad, Shotmaker, and more)
    V/A: Hits Greatest Stiffs $8.99 Stiff Records comp. w/Damned, Motorhead, Elvis Costello and more unreleased tracks by Stiff Records artists
    V/A: I Can't Believe It's Not Water $8.99 (Boris the Sprinkler, Teen
    Idols, Wynona Riders, Parasite, Sinkhole, and more!)
    V/A: I Can't Live Without It $5.99 (with the essential Guyver-One,
    Botch, Milhouse, and more!) Temp Out
    V/A: In Memory Of Jason $10.99 (w/Angel Hair,Honeywell, Still Life, Godheadsilo, Clickitat Ikatowi,Karp,Rice, & Many More!!)
    V/A: In Words of One Syllable $5.99 (Milhouse, Palatka, Braid and more)
    V/A: No Idea Lpx2 w/zine $7.99 (Supercomp w/ Christie Front Drive,
    Against All Authority, Braid, Rhythm Collision, Still Life, Car vs.
    Driver, Skankin Pickle, The Bruce Lee Band, and More!!) Temp Out
    V/A: Not So Quiet on the Western Front" $9.99(re-issue of classic comp)
    V/A: Physical Fatness:Fat Music Vol III $3.99 (w/NOFX,Lagwagon, No Use
    For A Name, Bracket, Tilt, 88 Fingers Louie, Good Riddance, Strung Out, Propagandi & More!)
    V/A: Punk Bites $9.99 (Assorted Jellybeans, Diesel Boy, Hi Standard,
    Home Grown, No Use For A Name, Vandals, Ignite, Naked Aggression, and
    still more!!!)
    V/A: Punk USA $4.99 (w/The Pist, Pink Lincolns, Queers, Jawbreaker, Screaching Weasel and more) Temp Out
    V/A: Riot City $10.99 (w/Vice Squad, The Varukers, The Ejected,
    Emergency, and More!!) (Temp Out)
    V/A: Sid & Nancy Soundtrack $9.99
    V/A: Skankin' In The Pit $8.99 (Blue Meanies, Assorted Jellybeans,
    Slapstick, and more!)temp out
    V/A: Ska Sucks $8.99 (w/Dance Hall Crashers, Hepcat, The Pietasters,
    Less Than Jake, Let's Go Bowling, Mustard Plug, Mephiskapheles, Link 80,
    The Hippos, Millencolin, Home Grown, MU330, Slapstick, Against All
    Authority, The Impossibles, The Chinkees, Potshot, and still more
    tracks, most of which are unreleased or just hard to find!!)
    V/A: Slice of lemon $10.99 (40 Bands,Including Frumpies, Worst Case
    scenario, Excuse ...

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