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    From dipol.est.2014@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Vinal Edge Records on Tue Sep 4 21:53:29 2018
    Does anyone know where I can get A Ten O'clock scholar - Quietest on LP vinyl??

    On Tuesday, January 4, 2000 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Vinal Edge Records wrote:
    Please let us know if you would like to purchase any of these:

    Prices and availability always subject to change.
    Acme "...To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist" $6.99 (straight power metal
    from this german hardcore outfit)
    AFI "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes" $8.99 temp out
    AFI "Very Proud of Ya" $8.99 Temp Out
    Against All Authority "All Fall Down" $8.99
    Agent Orange "This Is The Voice" $14.99
    Agnostic Front "Riot Riot Upstart" $8.99
    Alien Sex Fiend "Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied" $4.99
    Alien Sex Fiend "Curse" $8.99
    Alien Sex Fiend "Open Head Surgery" $8.99
    Alien Sex Fiend "Hurricane Fighter Plane" $4.99
    Alien Sex Fiend "Bun Ho!" $4.99
    Alien Sex Fiend "Smells Like..." $4.99
    All "Pummel" $6.99(Sealed mega-cool lp)
    All "Allroy Saves" $7.99
    All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors "Turning Into Small" $6.99
    Alkaline Trio "I Lied My Face Off" $5.99
    Angelic Upstarts "Angel Dust:The Collected Highs" $12.99
    Angry Red Planet "Little Pigs" LP $6.99
    Anti-Heros "American Pie" $8.99 temp out
    Anti-Heros "That's Right" $15.99 temp out
    Anti-Flag "A New Kind of Army" $10.99
    Anti-Pasti "The Last Call" $13.99 (The Definitive Vinyl Re-issue
    including all songs from their first three singles!)temp out
    Antimony "Phantom Itch" LP $8.99 (new/sealed - ex-Circus Lupus)
    Antioch Arrow "In Love with Jetts" $8.99
    Antioch Arrow "s/t" $5.99
    Anti-Heros "American Pie" $8.99
    Anti-Pasti "The Last Call" $12.99 (Re-issh including all songs from the
    first 3 singles) temp out
    Apostles "The Blues and Times of The Apostles" $19.99
    Area 51 "Discography" $7.99 (10")
    Arm "s/t" $6.99
    Articles of Faith "Your Choice Live" LP $8.99(German import sealed)
    Articles of Faith "Give Thanks" LP $10.99 (re-issue on Bitzcore w/bonus tracks)
    Asexuals "Dish" $12.99
    Assfactor 4 "s/t" $8.99
    Assorted Jelly Beans s/t $8.99
    Assuck "Anticapital" $8.99 (Vinyl Reissh)
    Assuck "Misery Index" $7.99temp out
    At The Drive-In "In/Casino/Out" $8.99 Temp Out
    At The Drive-In "Vaya" $7.99 (10" EP)
    Atari Teenage Riot "The Future Of War" $18.99 (LPx2 Import) (Notorious Chaos!)
    Atari Teenage Riot "Sick To Death" 12" $8.99
    Atom and His Package "A Society of People Named Elihu" $9.99
    Atom and His Package "Making Love" $8.99
    Aus-Rotten "And Now Back To Our Programming" $8.99
    Aus-Rotten "The System Works.. For Them" $7.99
    Auntie Christ "Life Could Be A Dream" $8.99 used $5.49
    Autumn Fair 10" $8.99 (ex-Savage Republic/still sealed/colored vinyl)
    Avail "4 a.m. Friday" 12" $8.99 (Sincere punk)
    Avail "Satiate" $5.49 Temp Out
    Avail "Dixie" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Avail "Over The James" $8.99
    Avail "Live at the Kings Head Inn" $8.99(10" on Old Glory)
    Bad Dress Sense s/t LP $3.99
    Bad Religion "Against The Grain" $8.99temp out
    Bad Religion "Generator"$8.99 Temp Out
    Bad Religion "How Could Hell Be Any Worse" $8.99temp out
    Bad Religion "No Substance" $10.99
    Bad Trip "Fear and Loathing" $7.99 (Heavy Duty NYC HxCx)
    Baby's Got A Gun "Suicide Girl" $9.99
    Balthasar Gerards Kommando "A Dutch Feast" $9.99
    Barbarellas "Queen of The Galaxy" $4.99
    Basement Brats "The Bratbeat" $19.99 (German Import Norwegian Garage)
    Beast of Beast "Sex, Drugs...and Noise" $4.99
    Beefeater "Need a Job" $19.99
    Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L. "I am That Great and Fiery Force" $4.99
    Beguiled, The "Blue Dirge" $5.49
    Belfegore "12" $9.99
    Beyond Possession "Is Beyond Possession" $5.99 temp out
    BGK "A Dutch Feast" $9.99(double LP of all their stuff)
    Biafra, Jello "If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve"
    Biafra, Jello "No More Cocoons" $6.99
    Biafra, Jello/Plainfield "s/t" $4.99
    Big Black "Songs about Fucking" $8.99(Sealed)tempout
    Big Black "Atomizer"$8.99 temp out
    Big Black "Racer X" $6.99 temp out
    Big Boys "No Matter How Long The Line is At The Cafeteria, Theres Always
    A Seat" $39.99(Autographed by two Big Boys, Tim & Rey)
    Big Drill Car "Batch" $4.99
    Big Drill Car "Small Block" Lp Used $4.99
    Bikini Kill "Reject all American" $8.99 LPTemp Out
    Bikini Kill/Huggy Bear split LP $8.99
    Bikini Kill "Pussy Whipped" $8.99
    Bikini Kill "s/t" 12" $5.99 temp out
    Bl'ast "It's In My Blood" $9.99
    Black Eyes and Broken Battles "We're Done Being Harassed" $11.99
    Blink 182 "Buddha" $8.99
    Blink 182 "Cheshire Cat" $8.99
    Blotto "Hello My Name Is Blotto, What's Your's?" $14.99 (Classic
    original w/ "I Wanna be A Lifeguard")
    Blue Meanies "Full Throttle" $8.99
    Blue Meanies "Pave The World" $9.99
    Boba Fett Youth "s/t" $6.99
    Boilermaker "In Wallace's Shadow" $8.99 (Really Good follow up to their previous effort "Watercourse") temp out
    Bollweevils "Weevillive!" WAS-$8.99, ON SALE FOR $5.99!
    Boom, The "Movin In" $7.99 (Saucy Rock Outfit from DC w/ Fred Erskine of
    June Of 44 & Hoover)
    Born Against "Battle hymns of the race war" 10" $7.99(now defunct
    hardcore heavys)
    Born Against "The rebel sound of shit and failure" $8.99 (vermiform
    release) temp out
    Born Against "Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children" $6.99
    Botch "American Nervoso" $6.99
    Botch "We Are the Ramones" $13.99
    Bouncing Souls "s/t" $5.49
    Boxer Rebellion "The Romance of Aeronautics" $5.99 (Temp Out)
    Braid "Age of Octeen" $9.99
    Braid "Frame & Canvas" $9.99 tempout
    Braid "Franky Welfare Boy Age Five" $12.99 tempout
    Branch Manager "s/t" $7.99(Sealed on Dischord)
    Bread and Circuits "s/t" $6.99 (New Ebullition LP: Memebers of Fuel and Torches To Rome)
    Bristles "Last Years Youth" $9.99
    Broadways "Broken Star" $8.99
    Bruce Lee Band "s/t" $8.99 Temp Out
    Buck "s/t" $8.99
    Buck-0-Nine "Barfly" $13.99 temp out
    Buck-o-nine "Songs in the key of Bree" $15.99(Double 10")
    Bulimia Banquet "Party My Colon" LP $5.99
    Bushell, Garry "Carry On Oi" $13.99
    Business "Harry May/The Singles Collection" $13.99 (dbl Lp, colored
    vinyl) Temp Out
    Business "Saturdays Heros" $8.99
    Business "Singalong A Business" $19.99
    Business "Suburban Rebels" $8.99
    Business "The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth" $9.99 Business "Welcome To The Real World" $8.99
    Butter 08 "s/t" $9.99tempout
    Butthole Surfers "Brown Reason To Live" $5.99 tempout
    Buzzcocks "A Different Kind of Tension" $15.99
    Cadallaca "Introducing" $9.99 (new project with Korin Tucker on
    Capitalist Casualties "Subdivisions in Ruin" $8.99
    Casualties "The Early Years 1990-1995" $12.99 (free poster Limited Edition)TEMP Out
    Cat Butt "Journey to the Center of" LP $18.99 (Sub Pop)
    Charles Bronson "Youth Attack 10" $11.99 (10" record)
    Childish, Bill and His Famous Headcoats "Hendrix Was Not The Only
    Musician" $8.99
    Chinkees, The "...Are Coming" $8.99
    Chisel "8 a.m. All Day" $6.99 (Lofty,Happy but in an interesting way
    D.C. pop core.) Temp Out
    Chocking Victim "No Gods/No Managers" $6.99 temp out
    Chrome "s/t" $8.99 (10" on Man's Ruin Records)
    Circle Jerks "VI" $9.99
    Citizen Fish "Thirst" $8.99
    Citizen Fish "Wider Than A Postcard" $8.99 (The definitive and essential Citizen record) Temp Out
    Citizen Fish "Active Ingredients" $8.99 Temp. Out
    Clikatat Ikatowi "River of Souls" $5.99
    Coalesce "There is Nothing New Under Th eSun" $6.99 Temp. Out
    Cock Sparrer "Shock Troops" $17.99
    Cockney Rejects "Greatest Hits Vol.1" $18.99(Import lp 7" sealed
    re-iss!) temp out
    Combat Wounded Veteran "I Know a Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos"
    Combat84/The Last Resort "Better to be Dead Than/No Mess..No Fuss..Just
    Pure Impact" $17.99
    Common Rider "Last wave Rockers" $8.99
    Conflict "Against All Odds" $13.99(Import re-iss from these brit-punk gods)temp out
    Conflict "It's Time To See Who's Who" $24.99 (original 1st pressing
    import LP. MINT!)
    Conflict "Turning Rebellion Into Money" $16.99 (tempout)
    Conflict "Ungovernable Force" $13.99 tempout
    Corrosion of Conformity "Fuel" $14.99 (Ltd. Shaped Pic Disc of songs not found on the latest album Wiseblood)
    Cosmic Psychos "Palomino Pizza" $5.99
    Cramps "Look Mom No Head!" $9.99 (picture disc)TEMP OUT
    Cramps "What's Inside a Ghoul" $39.99(Rare interview)
    Crass "Christ the Album" $13.99(2-lp sealed import CLASSIC!)tempout
    Crass "Best Before" $13.99 (LPx2)
    Crass "Feeding of the 5000" $8.99
    Crass "Penis Envy" $9.99(new)
    Crass "Stations of the Crass" $5.99
    Crass "Yes Sir, I Will" $9.99 temp out
    Creamers "Love Honor Obey" $9.99 (Early Sympathy for the Record Industry Label:Clear Vinyl)
    Crime "Hate us or love us we don"t give a fuck" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Crimpshrine "Duct tape soup l.p." $8.99(Sealed excellent collection of
    comp tracks and others that were originally rejected by Lookout!) Temp
    Crimpshrine "The Sound Of A New World Being Born" $8.99 (Latest release
    of out of print oddities & comp tracks)
    Crimson Curse "Both Feet In The Grave" $7.99
    Crown Roast "A Nose Has Many Jobs" $7.99
    Crucifix "Dehumanization" $9.99
    Crunch "Bubba Bubba Bubba!" $7.99
    Daddy Hate Box "Sugar Plow" $5.99(Sealed!)
    Dahmer "Dahmerized" $7.99
    Daisy Chainsaw "Eleventeen" $15.99(Sealed import)
    Damnation a.d. "Miscordia" 10" $7.99
    Damned "Grimly Fiendish" $12.99(used UK p/s white vinyl)
    Damned "Strawberries" $7.99(sealed import)
    Dance Hall Crashers "The Old Record (1989-1992)" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Das Damen "Mousetrap" LP $4.99
    Dead and Gone "God Loves Everyone But You" $8.99 (East Bay supergroup including members of Filth and a sound resembling Econochrist. Sealed.)
    Dead Boys "Twistin On The Devil's Fork: Live At CBGB's 77-78" $8.99 Temp
    Dead Hippie "Living Dead" $9.99
    Dead Kennedys "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Dead Kennedys "Frankenchrist" $8.99 temp out
    Dead Milkmen "Bucky Fellini" $5.99
    Deadguy "Fixation on a co worker" $4.99 (Brutal hardcore not for the meek)tempout
    Deception Bay "My Color Flag" LP $6.99 (On Independant projects/ltd. ed)

    Descendents "Hallraker Live" $7.99
    Descendents "Milo Goes To College" $5.99
    Die Kruezen "s/t" $14.99
    Diesel Boy "Cock Rock" $8.99
    Digger "The Promise of an Uncertain future" $8.99(Pennsylvania punk
    outfit's 2nd full length!)
    Dillinger Four "Midwestern Songs of the Americas" $8.99 (agressive,
    catchy punk with social awareness)
    Dirt Clod Fight "Hunting Lesson" $5.99 (Sealed)
    Discount "Half Fiction" $8.99
    Discount "Ataxies Alright Tonight" $8.99
    D.O.A. "Let's Wreck The Party" $4.99
    Don Caballero "2" $12.99 (fucking awesome!) Temp Out
    Donnas "American Teenage Rock N' Roll Machine" $8.99
    Donnas "Get Skintight" $8.99 tempout
    Don Martin Three "s/t" $4.99
    Donuts N' Glory "When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth" $8.99 (Witty
    Intelligent Punk From Southern California, The First Album)temp out
    Doom "Fuck Peaceville" $13.99
    Dos "s/t" $4.99 (Mike Watt of (Minutemen, Firehose) and Kira (Black
    Doughboys "Happy Accidents" $6.99
    Down by Law "Last of the Sharpshooters" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Drags "Dragsploitation Now!" 10" $7.99 (From the deserts of New Mexico emerges the super trio of garage the Drags)
    Dr. Frank "Show Business is My Life" $8.99
    Drive "Grease Girls" LP $3.99
    Dropkick Murphys "The Gangs All Here" $8.99 tempout
    Drug Free America "Attitude 50 Cents" $2.99
    Dwarves "Free Cocaine" $8.99 (2xLPs)
    Dwarves "Lick It (The Psychedelic Years)" $13.99new (2xLPs) or $8.99used

    Duh "Blowhard" $4.99
    Duh "The Unholy Handjob" $5.49
    DYS "Wolfpack" $8.99
    Ebola "Incubation" $7.99
    Econochrist "Trained To Serve" $5.99 tempout
    88 Fingers Louie "Back On the Streets" $8.99new or $5.49used(New on
    Hopeless 9/98)
    88 Fingers Louie/Kid Dynamite "split" $7.99 (10")
    Eleven Sons "s/t" $4.99
    Embrace "s/t " $7.99 Temp Out
    End of the Century Party "s/t" $8.99
    Endpoint "Last Record" $5.99
    English Beat "I Just Can't Stop It" $14.99
    English Beat "Wha'ppen?" $14.99
    Excuse 17 "Such Friends Are Dangerous" $8.99 (Later formed Sleater
    kinney) Temp Out
    Everready "Fair Play" $5.49 (Plus Bonus Songs For The Fucking Kids)
    Fall "The Light User Syndrome" $14.99(Uk lp Sealed)
    Fall "Seminal Live" $11.99(New US Cut-Out)
    Fall "Cerebral Caustic" $9.99 (UK sealed)
    Fall "458489 B-Sides" $13.99(2-lp's sealed German Import)temp out
    Falling Sickness "Because the World Has Failed Us Both" $8.99
    Falling Sickness "Right On Time" $8.99
    Falling Sickness/Dysentery "split" $7.99 (10")
    FA-Q "Pre Pay" LP $3.99
    Fartz "Because This Fuckin'World Still Stinks" $8.99(Sealed RE-ISS!)temp
    Fear of Smell "s/t" $8.99
    Feds "Chicagp Bureau" $8.99
    Fiends "Grave Digger" $8.99
    Fifteen "The Choice Of A New Generation" $8.99
    Fifteen "Swains First Bike Ride" $8.99
    Fingerprintz "Dancing With Myself" 12" $2.99 (UK 1979 - Green Vinyl)
    Finks "Filler up and Go!" $8.99 (Break out the tiki torches and
    margaritas and throw this slab of hot roddin' instro surf goodness) Temp
    Fireworks "Set The World on Fire" $7.99
    Fleas & Lice "Bleeding Rectum" $9.99
    Flesh Eaters "Forever Came Today" $14.99
    Flesh Eaters "Greatest Hits" $5.99
    Flesh Eaters "A Hard Road to Follow" $14.99
    Flesh Eaters "Live" $5.99
    Flesh Eaters "No Questions Asked" $24.99
    Flower "Concrete" LP $9.99
    Follow Fashion Monkeys s/t LP $5.99
    Forced Reality "s/t" $8.99
    Forgotten Rebels "Surfin' On Heroin" $5.99
    Free Kitten "Sentimental Education" $8.99
    Freedom Sold "Whores" $3.99
    Freeze "Rabid Reaction" $9.99
    Freeze/Bollweevils "Deadly Duo" $4.99
    Frightwig "Faster Frightwig Kill Kill" LP $6.99
    Frightwig "Phone Sexy" $5.99
    Fugazi "Steady Diet Of Nothing" $7.99 tempout
    Fugazi "End Hits" $8.99(Latest killer lp)
    Fugazi "Instrument" $8.99
    Fugazi "Red Medicine" $7.99 temp out
    Fugazi "Margin walker" $6.99temp out
    Funeral Oration "Survival" $8.99
    F.Y.P. "Finish Your Popcorn" $8.99 (reissue of this 1992 F.Y.P. slab
    F.Y.P. "Dance My Dunce" $7.99
    F.Y.P. "My Man Grumpy" $8.99
    Game Face "Three To Get Ready" New $8.99
    Gang Of Four "To Hell With Poverty" $9.99
    Generacija Bez Buduc'nostl (G.B.B.) "Vol. 1" $12.99(Yugoslavian Skin
    band's lp circa 1993)
    Get-Up Kids "Red Letter Day" $7.99(10" Record)
    Glorium "Cinema Peligroso" $8.99
    Glorium "Past Life Recordings" $8.99 (Collection Of The Singles on
    marble vinyl)
    Gluecifer "Gary O'Kane" $8.99
    GodheadSilo "The Scientific Supercake LP" $8.99 new or $5.49 used
    God "My Pal" $5.99 (UK import of the Aussie Au Go Go Label record)
    Godstomper "Heavy Metal Vomit Party" $9.99
    God's Chosen People "s/t" $5.99
    Good Riddance "Ballads From The Revolution" $8.99temp out
    Good Riddance "Operation Phoenix" $8.99
    Grade "Under The Radar" $13.99 (Amazing 5 Stars:The Masters of Melodic Hardcore)
    Grade "Separate The Magnets" $7.99 tempout
    Graffin, Greg "American Lesion" $10.99(Bad Religion solo lp!)temp out
    Gray Matter "s/t" $7.99temp out
    Great Unraveling "S/T" $8.99 (Amazing second effort on Kill Rock Stars. Features Tony Joy and Scott Malat of U.O.A) Temp Out
    Green Day "39/Smooth" $8.99 temp out
    Green Day "Nimrod" $24.99 (Import LP)
    Groovie Ghoulies "Re-Animation Festival" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Groovie Ghoulies "World Contact Day" $8.99
    Groovie Ghoulies "Born In The Basement" $8.99 Temp Out
    Groovie Ghoulies "Appetite For Adrenochrome" $8.99 Temp Out
    Groovie Ghoulies "Fun in the dark" $8.99 tempout
    Gryllotalpidae "The Politics of Experience" $5.99 (industrial
    Guitar Wolf "Wolf Rock" $8.99
    Guns n' Wankers "For Dancing and Listening" $6.99 (sealed)
    Guns n' Wankers "For Dancing and Listening" $5.49
    Gut/Boy Wonder split LP "$4.99 (Texas hardcore at it's best)
    Hai Karate "s/t" $8.99
    Half Man "As Everything Fell Apart" $4.99
    Half Man Half Biscuit "Back in the DHSS" LP $1.99
    Halo of Flies "Garbage Rock" $17.99 (Grey vinyl- supa' rare)
    Halo of Flies "Headburn" $9.99
    Hammerbox "Numb" $4.99
    Happy World "Flowing Field" LP $1.99
    Hazel "Airiana" $5.99
    Headcoatees "Punk Girls" $8.99
    Health Hen "It's Obvious" $7.99
    Hellacopters "Doggone Your Bad Luck Soul" $8.99 (10")
    Hell No "Adios Armageddon" $4.49
    Hemi "Big Money Inc."$5.99(Rare 7"s compiled, ex Drunk Injuns!)
    Hepcat "Scientific" $8.99
    Hi-Fives "Get Down" $8.99(NEW! as of 10/98)temp out
    Hi-Fives "Welcome to my mind" $8.99
    Hi-Fives "And a Whole Lotta You!" $8.99 (Latest Hi-Fives on Lookout
    rekkids) Temp Out
    His Hero Is Gone "Fifteen Counts Of Arson" $7.99 (Brutal Hardcore,
    borderline sludge from this ex- Copout band) Temp Out
    His Hero Is Gone "Monuments To Thieves" $7.99 (New one, quite possibly
    harder than the last one, now with a member of Uranus on guitar)temp out

    His Hero Is Gone "The Plot Sickens" $9.99
    Hi-Standard "Growing Up" $8.99
    Hi-Standard "Angry Fist" $8.99 Temp Out
    Hot Water Music "Fuel for the Hate Game" $6.99 tempout
    Hot Water Music "Live at teh Hardback" $6.99
    Hot Water Music "No Division" $9.99
    Hot Water Music/Tomorrow "split" $6.99 tempout
    HR "Its About Luv" $4.99
    H2O "F.I.T.M." $8.99
    Huggy Bear " Weaponry Listens to Love" $8.99
    Huggy Bear Our Troubled Youth" $8.99
    Husker Du "Candy Apple Grey" $9.99
    Husker Du "Metal Circus" $11.99
    Husker Du "New Day Rising" $12.99
    Husker Du "Warehouse: Songs and Stories" $8.99
    Infections "Kill.." $8.99
    Infest "Slave" $8.99
    In/humanity "The History Behind The Mystery/Music To Kill Yourself By"
    Instigators "New Old Now" $7.99 Used
    Iron Monkey "We've Learned Nothing" $8.99
    Ivich "La Vie Devant Soi" $6.99 (super emotive French hardcore)
    J Church "Quetzacoatl" LP $8.99(sealed)
    J Church "Camels Spilled Corona..." $9.99 (picture disc sealed)
    J Church "The Drama Of Alienation" $8.99
    J Church "Analysis, Yes, Very Nice" $7.99 Temp Out
    Jam "Town Called Malice/Precious " 12" $6.99
    Jam "The Gift" $8.99
    Janitor Joe "Big Metal Bands" $4.99
    Jawbox "Grippe" $4.99
    Jawbreaker "Bivouac" $8.99
    Jawbreaker "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" $8.99
    Jenny Piccolo "Information Battle To Denounce The Genocide" $8.99
    Jerrys' Kids "Is This My Wolrd" $8.99
    Jersey "No Turning Back" $7.99
    Jesus Lizard "Blue" $10.99(Brand new ltd. Ed. for this, their best since
    the Liar lp!)
    Jesus Lizard "Shot" LP $10.99 (new LP/ltd ed. red vinyl)
    Jesus Lizard "Goat"$8.99
    Jesus Lizard "s/t" 10" $6.99 (New 10" on Jetset)
    Jets To Brazil "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" $10.99
    Jimmy Eat World "Clarity" $12.99
    Jimmy Eat World "s/t" $8.99 (10")
    Joan of Arc "A Portable Model Of... " $8.99 (Ex members of Cap n jazz.)
    Joan Of Arc "How Memory Works" $8.99(Temp Out)
    Johnny Socko "Full Trucker Effect" $8.99
    Jon Cougar Concetration Camp "Til Niagra Falls" $8.99
    Jon Cougar Concetration Camp "Too Tough Too Die" $8.99
    Jugheads Revenge "Image is Everything" $8.99 temp out
    June of 44 "Four Great Points" $9.99
    Kamper Dolores "s/t" (Amsterdam Punk on Konkurrel) $3.99
    Karate "s/t" $11.99 (Fans of Slint, particularily of Spiderland may
    love this Minimal, Ballad ridden, project) Temp Out
    Karate "In Place of Real Insight" $10.99temp out
    Karp "s/t" $8.99
    Karp/Rye Coalition "split" $8.99
    Kid Dynamite "s/t" $7.99
    Killer Pussy "Bikini Wax" $24.99
    Killing Joke "Pandemonium" LP $18.99 (import, sealed)
    Killing Joke "Fire Dances" LP $8.99 (red vinyl)
    Kilslug "Answer the Call" $6.99
    Kor-Phu "s/t" $4.99
    Lagwagon "Double Plaidinum" $8.99
    Lagwagon "Hoss" $8.99 (sealed)
    Lagwagon "Trashed" $8.99
    Lagwagon "Duh" $8.99
    Lard "Last Temptation of Reid" $8.99
    Lard "Power of Lard EP" $5.99
    Lard "Pure Chewing Satisfaction" $8.99new (New from Jello Ministry
    Last Resort "The Best of.." $15.99 temp out
    Left For Dead/Acrid "Hacked To Pieces" $9.99 (Colored Vinyl in the Shape
    of a Circular Saw Blade)tempout
    Les Thugs "I.A.B.F."$5.99(Sealed killer french punk)
    Les Thugs "I.A.B.F." $2.99
    Less Than Jake "s/t on No Idea" $9.99 temp out
    Less Than Jake "Hello Rockview" $8.99 (Vinyl Version of their New Album)

    Less Than Jake "Pezzcore" $9.99temp out
    Less Than Jake "Losing Streak Pic Disc" $10.99 temp out
    Less Than Jake "Making fun of things.." 10" $8.99 temp out
    Less Than Jake "Losers, Kings, And Things We Don't Understand" $7.99 (on
    No Idea)
    Levene, Keith "Violent Oppostion" $6.99
    Lifetime "Jersey's Best Dancers" $8.99temp out
    Link 80 "17 Reasons" $8.99
    Link 80 "Killing Katie" $7.99 (10") Temp Out
    Living Color "Official live bootleg"$9.99(Sealed Epic promo! Cult of Personality4 live trax)
    Locust "s/t" $7.99 tempout
    Logical Nonsense "Soul Pollution" $8.99 (Temp Out)
    Lord High Fixers "Is Your Club a Secret Weapon?" $12.99(NEW!11/99 ltd ed colored vinyl)
    Los Cincos "The Five Deadly Sins" $8.99
    Los Cincos "Los Cincos with April March" $8.99
    Loudspeaker "Supernatural" $3.99
    Love Battery "Nehru Jacket" $7.99
    LSR "Welcome To The American Experience" $7.99
    Lunch, Lydia "Conspiracy of Women"$5.99(Sealed live 1990 rant)
    Lung Leg "Hello Sir" $7.99
    Lustre king "The Money Shot" $7.99(From the "Kings" of math rock)
    Mad Caddies "Quality Soft Core" $8.99 (On Honest Don's rekkids)
    Mad Caddies "Duck and cover" $8.99tempout
    Madness "s/t" $9.99 (Contains "Our House" still sealed)
    Mad3 "Napalm In The Morning" $4.99
    Make Up "Destination Love" $7.99
    Make Up "I Want Some" $12.99 (dbl Lp) temp out
    Make Up "In Mass Mind" $8.99 tempout
    Makers "Howl" $8.99 (the first L.P. of this dynamic garage quintet)
    Temp Out
    Makers "Psychopathia Sexualis" $8.99
    Mandingo "Macho Grande" $8.99 or $5.49 used
    Mandingo "badtouchbecca" $4.99 10"
    Man Is The Bastard "Discography from Capitalist Casualties and Bleeding Rectum Split 12" $6.99 tempout
    Man Is The Bastard "Sum Of The Men, The Brutality Continues..." $8.99
    Temp Out
    Man or Astroman? "Made from Technetium" $8.99 temp out
    Man or Astroman? "Live Transmissions From Uranus" $16.99(Picture Disc)
    Man or Astroman? "Is it...Man or Astroman" $8.99 temp out
    Man or Astroman? "Destroy All Astromen" $8.99 temp out
    Man With Gun "Lives Here" $8.99 (His Hero is Gone)
    Marshes "Pox On The Tracts" $8.99
    Masonics, The "Down Among The Dead Men" $8.99
    Meat Puppets "No Strings Attached" $9.99(Sealed 2-lp collection, for
    those who don't own 'em all like me)
    Me First The Gimmes Gimmes "Are a Drag" $8.99
    Me First The Gimmes Gimmes "Have A Ball" $8.99
    Meices, The "Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told" $5.99
    Menace Dement "s/t" $5.49
    Mentors "Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll" $9.99 (Lots A Classic Trax)
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Devils night Out" $12.99
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones "More Noise Other Disturbances" $9.99
    Mike Gunn "Durban Poison" LP $8.99 (sealed)
    Minor Threat "Out of Step" $7.99
    Minor Threat "Both 7" Singles" $7.99
    Minutemen "Buzz or Howl Under The Influence of Heat" $7.99(Sealed)
    Minutemen "Project Mersh" $8.99 (First Pressing)
    Misfits "Earth AD" $9.99
    Misfits "If You Don't Know This Song What The Fuck Are You Doing Here?" $19.99 (Fan Club Record)
    MK Ultra "Seein' Red" $8.99
    Monorchid "Let Them Eat" $5.49
    Moral Crux "Something More Dangerous" $8.99
    Mortals "Ritual Dimension of Sound" $5.49
    Motards "Saturday Night Special Ed." $7.99
    Mr. T Experience "Alca Traz" $8.99
    Mr. T Experience "Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You" $8.99 (New!)
    Mr. T Experience "Milk,Milk,Lemonade" $8.99
    Mr. T Experience "Love Is Dead" $8.99 (Electric Blue Vinyl!) Temp Out
    Mr. T Experience "Nightshift at the thrill factory" $8.99 Temp Out
    Mr. T Experience "Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood" $8.99
    Muffs "Happy Birthday To Me" $9.99
    Mustard Plug "Evildoers Beware!" $8.99
    Mustard Plug "Pray For Mojo" $8.99(Brand new 03/99 full lp from these ska-punks)
    Mu 330 "Crab Rangoon" $8.99 Temp out
    Mu 330 "Chumps on Parade" $8.99 Temp Out
    MU 330 "s/t" $8.99
    MXPX "Slowly Going The Way of the Buffalo" $10.99temp out
    Naked Aggression "Bitter Youth" $8.99 temp out
    Naked Aggression "March March Along" $8.99
    Nashville Pussy "Let Them Eat Pussy" $10.99 (on AmRep)temp out
    Nation of Ulysses "Plays Pretty For Baby" $8.99
    Nation of Ulysses "13 Point Program" $8.99
    Neats "s/t" $3.99
    Necessary Evils "Spider Fingers" $5.49
    New Bomb Turks "At Rope'S End" $8.99 new or $5.49 used
    Newman, Paul "Frames Per Second" $9.99
    97a "Society's Running on Empty" $9.99
    Nitwitz "Dark Side of the Spoon" $5.49
    Nobodys "Greatasstits" $8.99(ltd. ed. 2lp set of 52 songs, 72 minutes of
    rare & unreleased, 7" trax, comp.trax,etc. Great Colorado punk!)temp out

    Nobodys "Generation XXX" $5.49used
    No Empathy "The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated" $8.99
    NOFX "White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean" $8.99
    NOFX "Eating Lamb" $8.99 tempout
    NOFX "So Long and Thanks for all the shoes" $9.99
    NOFX "SM Airlines" $8.99(Temp Out)
    NOFX "I Heard They Suck Live" $8.99temp out
    No Means No "Would We Be Alive" $5.99
    No Means No "Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?" $8.99
    No Means No "Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed" $8.99
    No Means No "Wrong" $8.99
    No Means No "Would We Be Alive" $5.99
    No Use For A Name "Daily Grind" LP $6.99
    No Use For A Name "Making Friends" $8.99
    No Use For A Name "Leche Con Carne" $8.99 Temp Out
    Offspring "Americana" $10.99 (sealed)
    Offspring "Smash" $8.99(sealed)
    Oi Polloi "Fuaim Catha" $9.99
    The 1-4-5s "Rock 'n' Roll Spook Party" $7.99
    100 Watt Clock "Capricorn Vs. Cancer" $5.99 (From the ashes of carbomb
    arise 100 Watt Clock. Very Fugazi-ish) temp out
    One Eyed God "Prophecy" $7.99
    One Man Army "Dead End Stories" $8.99
    Operation Ivy "Energy" LP $8.99 (new/sealed)TEMP OUT
    Orchid "Chaos Is Me" $6.99 (Amazingly Brutal Hardcore)
    Pacer "s/t" 10" $3.99 Used
    Pachinko "Behind the Green" $8.99 Temp Out
    Palatka "The End of Irony" $8.99
    Pansy Division "Undressed" $6.99
    Paul Newman "Frames Per Second" $9.99 (Brillant debut LP comparable to
    Slint & Unwound) temp out
    Pavement "Major Leagues" $8.99 (Brand New 7 Song EP)
    Peechees "Life" $11.99
    Pennywise "About Time" $8.99
    Pennywise "Straight Ahead" $10.99
    Phobia/Cruel "Split LP" $5.99
    Pinhead Circus "Detailed Instructions For The Self Involved" $5.49
    Pinhead Circus "Nothing Groundbreaking" $4.99
    Pinhead Gunpowder "Goodbye Ellston Avenue" $8.99 temp out
    Pinhead Gunpowder "Shoot The Moon" $6.99
    Pink Lincolns "Pure Swank" $8.99 (white vinyl)
    Pist "Ideas Are Bullet Proof" $8.99
    Policy of 3 "Dead Dog Summer" $6.99
    Polkaholics "Zap the Universe" $4.99
    Polvo "Exploded Drawing" LPx2 $12.99
    Polvo "Cor Crane Secret" $8.99
    Potatomen "Iceland" $8.99
    Pot Shot "Pots and Shots" $8.99
    Project Hate/Former Members of Alfonsin "split" $7.99
    Promise Ring "30 degrees Everywhere" $8.99new
    Promise Ring "Nothing Feels Good" $8.99
    Propagandhi "How To Clean Everything" $4.99 used
    Pulley "@#!*" $8.99 (tempout)
    Queers "Move back Home" $8.99 temp out
    Queers "Don't Back Down"$8.99
    Queers "Beat Off" $8.99 temp out
    Queers "Punk Rock Confidential" $8.99(NEW 10/98 full length on Hopeless)

    Radio Flyer "In Their Strange White Armor" $8.99 (collaboration project
    of Alex Dunham of Hoover/Regulator Watts amongst others doing the
    lighter midwest fare ala Braid)temp out
    Raincoats "Odyshape" $15.99
    Ramones "End Of The Century" $7.99
    Ramones "Mania" $9.99
    Ramones "Road To Ruin" $8.99
    Ramonetures "s/t" $9.99 (Ramones songs done Ventures Style)
    Rapeman "Two Nuns & A Pack Mule" $8.99 (Post Big Black, Pre Shellac w/ members of Scratch Acid & the Jesus Lizard)temp out
    Reclusives "s/t" $7.99
    Red Alert "Rebels In Society" $10.99
    Red Monkey "Difficult is Easy" $8.99
    Red Scare "Capillary Lockdown" $7.99
    Registrators "Terminal Boredom" $8.99 (kinda like Teengenerate) Temp Out

    Regulator Watts "Mercury e.p." $5.99 (Members of Hoover, and very
    similar in premise) Temp Out
    Regulator Watts "The Aesthetics Of No Drag" $8.99 (Anticipated full
    length reminicent of Hoover)
    Rektum s/t LP $7.99 (sealed import)
    Replikants "This Is Our Message" $8.99
    Reverb Motherfuckers "Twelve Swinging Signs of the Zodiac" LP $9.99
    Reversal of Man "This Is Medicine" $7.99
    Rhythm Collision "Clobberer" $8.99 Temp Out
    Rhythm Collision "Now" $8.99 Temp Out
    Rhythm Pigs "I'm Not Crazy I'm an Airplane" $14.99(Long outta print Live Holland import of our classic Texas punk band that we loved so much)
    Rig "Belly To The Ground" $5.99
    Rites of Spring "s/t" $7.99 tempout
    Riverdales "s/t" $8.99
    Riverdales "Storm The Streets" $8.99temp out
    Rocket From The Crypt "Scream, Dracula, Scream" $8.99(Sealed)Temp Out
    Rocket From The Crypt "The State Of Art Is On Fire" $7.99
    Rodan "Rusty" $8.99
    Royal Pendletons "Oh Yeah, Baby!" $8.99
    Ruin "He-Ho" $4.99
    Rye Coalition "Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet" $7.99 (full Lp of goodness)
    Rudimentary Peni "Death Church" $9.99
    Rusty James s/t $7.99
    Ruts "Live" $19.99
    Sandy Duncan's Eye "s/t" $3.99
    SAMIAM "Underground" $5.99
    Scared of Chaka "Tired of You" $8.99
    Scarfo "I've already bought him a guitar, now he wants drums." $8.99
    Schlong "Punk Side Story" $8.99(Punk rock version of the only musical I
    want to ever hear again!)
    Scout/Freemasonry split lp $5.99
    Scraps "Dismantle the Machine One Cog at a Time" $6.99
    Screaming Urge "s/t" $5.99
    Screeching Weasel "Major Label Debut" $5.99
    Screeching Weasel "My Brain Hurts" $8.99(Sealed)
    Screeching Weasel "Boogadaboogada" $8.99(Sealed)
    Screeching Weasel "Wiggle" $8.99(sealed)
    Screeching Weasel "Anthem For A New Tomorrow" $8.99 Temp Out
    Screeching Weasel "How to Make Enemies..." $8.99 Temp Out
    Screeching Weasel "Television City Dreams" $8.99 Temp Out
    Screeching Weasel "Emo" $8.99
    Seaweed "Actions and Indications" $9.99
    Sense Field "Building" $8.99(Sealed)
    September "s/t" 10" $4.99 (Methodic renderings of good progressive
    Servotron "Entertainment Program For Humans (Second Variety)" $8.99 temp
    7 Year Bitch "Chow Down/Tired of Nothing" $19.99 (10" picture disk)
    Sex Gang Children "Dieche" 12" $9.99(Import ep on Illuminated label)
    Sex Gang Children "Beasts" LP $17.99 (rare japanese import lp)
    Sex Pistols "Flogging a Dead Horse" $19.99
    Sheer Terror "Just Can't Hate Enough" $14.99
    Shelley, Pete "XL1" LP $7.99 (Ex-Buzzcocks vocalist solo lp from '83) Shelley, Pete "Homosapien" $8.99
    Shelley, Pete "Telephone Operation"$7.99
    Shelley, Pete "Heaven and the Sea" $4.99
    Shelter "Perfection of Desire" $9.99 (Ray of Youth of Today being
    Shoegazer "Two Boxing Brown Bears" $7.99
    Shoegazer "Intoxicated Birthday Lies" $7.99
    Shotwell "Celery, Beef and Iron" $7.99 (AKA- Shotwell Coho)
    Sicko "You Are Not The Boss Of Me" $8.99
    Silver Jews "Starlite Walker" $8.99 Sealed
    Siren "Becoming Wheels" $7.99
    Sister Double Happiness "s/t" $8.99
    Six Feet Deep "Road Less Traveled" $2.99 (awesome HxCx promo LP)
    Skinned Teen "Raooul" $8.99 Temp Out
    Skunk "This Some Bad Weed Vol." $15.99
    Slap Shot "Back on the Map" $14.99
    Slave One/Meadowlark "split" $7.99 tempout
    Sleater-Kinney "The Hot Rock" $8.99
    Slickee Boys "Cybernetic Dreams" LP $7.99 (Way early Washington DC
    Slint "Spiderland"$8.99
    Slint "Tweeze" $5.49 LP
    Sloppy Seconds "The First Seven Inches And Then Some" $8.99
    Sloppy Seconds "Knock Yer Block Off" $8.99
    Smith, Eliot "s/t" $8.99(New on Kill Rock Stars!)
    SNFU "Fyulaba" $8.99(sealed) or $4.99 used
    SNFU "Something Green and Leafy" $7.99(Cool recent lp sealed)
    Snuff "Potatoes and Melons Wholesale Prices Straight From The Lockup"
    $7.99 (they love the long titles)
    Snuff " Demmamussabebonk" Lp $8.99 temp out
    Snuff "Snuff said.." $8.99
    Snuff "Flibbiddy Dibbiydob" $8.99
    Snuff "Reach" $8.99
    Snuff "Tweettweetmylovely" $8.99
    Social Distortion "Live At The Roxy" $11.99 (Limited double LP w/ Poster!)temp out
    Some Velvet Sidewalk "Shipwreck" $3.99(on K records)

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