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    PEACE BREAD & LAND BAND Liberation Music Private 1971 USA WA
    PEACE, JOE Finding Peace of Mind Private 1972 USA Psych
    PENTWATER Same Beef 1978 USA IL Prog
    PERRONE, RUDY Oceans of Art Private 1981 USA Prog PESCADO RABIOSO Desatormentanos (or any) Microphon 1972
    Argentina heavy psych
    PHAPHNER Overdrive Dragon 197? USA Heavy fuzz
    PHILOSOPHERS After Sundown P.S. 1969? USA Black Psych
    PIRANHAS Something Fishy Custom F. 1965 USA Garage
    PISANI, FRANK Sky Dellwood 1977 USA
    PLANET OF THE APES A Musical Trip TPI 1974 USA
    PLASTIC CLOUD Same Allied 1968 Canada Psych
    POLARIS ? ? 197? Canada Prog
    POLESTAR Flying Thru the Universe Private 1980 USA MD Prog
    POLLEN Same Kebec 197? Canada Prog
    POLYPHONY Without Introduction 11th Hour 1971 USA
    POOBAH Let Me In 1972 USA OH Heavy Rock
    POOBAH U.S. Rock 1976 USA OH
    POOBAH Steamroller 1979 USA OH POPCORN BLIZZARD Explode De-Lite 1968 USA
    POSEIDON Germany
    POUND, The Awed Man Out! Private 1974 USA Garage PRIMEVIL Smokin' Bats at Compton's 700 West 1974 USA OH
    PROBE Direction Eborp 196? USA IL Garage/psych PROFESSOR FUDDLE'S ..... Same ?? 197? Canada
    PROFFESOR WOLF germany
    PROOF Same Private 1970 USA CA Psych
    PROPHET It's Reigning guitars again B&E 1984 Canada Rock
    PROSPER Germany
    PSIGLIO any Clave Uruguay
    PSYCHEDELIC SIXPACK OF SOUND Various Artists Summit 1968
    USA IL Garage
    PUKE, SPIT & GUTS Eat Hot Lead Important 1980 USA
    CA Punk
    QUANTUM New World Private 1976 USA Prog
    QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA Same Help 1972 Italy
    QUILL Same Private 1977 USA Prog
    RABBLE Give Us Back Elaine Transworld 1968 Canada Psych
    RABBLE any Canada Psych
    RAIN Same Axe 197? Canada Rock
    RAIN Live, Christmas Night Private Canada Rock
    RAIN Live, Christmas Night Private USA Rock RAINBOW PROMISE Same New Wine 1970 USA TX Psych
    RAM Pegasus Nova Canada
    RASPUTIN AND THE MONKS Sun of my Soul Transradio 1966 USA
    RAVEN Back to Ohio Blues Owl 1974 USA OH Rock
    RAW HONEY Ragweed Private 1974 USA Folk Rock
    RAYNE Same Private 1979 USA LA Rock
    RAZOR Armed and Dangerous Voice 1984 Canada Metal REACTION Same Polydor 1971 Germany heavy
    REACTION Japan metal
    REBS, The Breakthrough 1968 A.D. Fredlo 1968 USA IA
    REDD ?? ?? 19?? Argentina
    REDEMPTION ? Private 197? USA TX Jesus Folk
    REIGN GHOST any Allied Canada Psych
    RELAX ?? ?? 19?? Argentina
    RENAISSANCE Same Raff 1971 Mexico
    REQUIEM Rockport 1980 Germany 1 RESIDENTS Meet the... Ralph 1974 USA RICHARD & WILLIE The Race Track Dooto 197? USA
    RICHARD & WILLIE Willie and Rising Dick Dooto 197? USA
    RISING STORM Calm Before... Remnant 1967 USA Garage
    RIST ROCKET Same Sun West 1978 USA CA AOR/Rock
    RIVERSON Same Columbia 1973 Canada West Coast
    ROBERT E. LEE BRIGADE Same Columbia 1969 Canada Garage
    ROBIN Legend of a Fool Sherwood 19?? USA CO Rock
    ROCKADROME Royal American 20th cent... Sound 19?? Canada

    ROCKNEE Private 198? USA CA Rock/Aor
    RODS, The Rock Hard Primal 1980 USA NY
    ROGER & WENDY Same Horny 1972 USA Folk
    Roger Rubin & Rotfree Anderson Atlanta Underground Purple Haze 1971 USA
    GA Acid
    ROLAND JADE 12 for the Road Tiger Lily 1976 USA Rock
    ROMAN, TONY Same Budget 1965 Canada
    ROXSLYDE Take One Private 1978? Canada Rock
    ROYAL SERVANTS We Elite 1970 Germany Psych
    RUBBER MEMORY Welcome R.P.C. 1969 USA
    RUFUS ZUPHALL Weiss Der Teufel Good Will 197? Germany
    RUNNING MAN Same Neon 197? Germany
    RUNNING MAN Same Neon 1972 England prog
    RUSH Same Moon 1974 Canada
    RUST Come With Me Hor Zu 197? Germany Psych
    RYDGREN, JOHN Silhoutte Segments Private 1968? USA CO

    SABBRABELLS Japan metal
    SABRE On the Prowl Private 198? Canada Metal
    SACRED MUSHROOM Same Parallax 1969 USA OH? Psych
    SAGA Same Sonet 1974 Sweden prog
    SAGE Same Private 197? USA Rock
    SAGE & SEER Same Stylist 1968? USA CO Psych
    SAINT VITUS V Hellhound 1
    SAINTE ANTHONY'S FYRE Same Zonk 1969 USA NJ Psych
    SALEM MASS Witchburning Private 1972 USA ID Rock
    SAM APPLE PIE Germany
    SAMETI Same Brain 1972 Germany
    SAMUEL PRODY Same Global 1973 Germany Hard rock
    SAMUEL PRODY Same England
    SAMURAI Kappa Philips 1971 Japan Heavy psych $300 SANCTUARY Same Veritas 1971 USA KS Prog
    SAND Head in the Sand Private 1976 USA OR Prog SARCOFAGUS any albums Finland 1
    SATO, MASAHIKO Amalgamation ?? 19?? Japan
    SATRIANI, JOE Same Rubina 1984 USA NY Guitar Rock SAUTERELLES View to Heaven Decca 1968 Germany
    SCEPTER Same Private 198? Canada Metal
    SCORPIONS Lonesome Crow Brain(Grn) 1972 Germany Hard Rock
    SCOTLAND Money may help Tsb 1985 Germany 1
    SCOTTI For Friends Strawberry 1973? USA CO Folk
    SEARCH PARTY Montgomery Chapel Century 197? USA Folk Psych
    SECOND LIFE Same Metronome 1971 Germany psych
    SELMIS Beginning Fidsound 1973 France Heavy fuzz
    SENSATION Same Private 1976 USA WI Rock
    SEVENTH DAWN Sunrise Private 1976 USA Folk Psych
    SEX Same OR End of My Life ? 197? Canada Psych/prog
    SHAGGS Philosophy of the World Third World 196? USA NH
    SHAGGS, The Wink McM 1967 USA IN Garage
    SHIVER Germany
    SHORT CROSS Arisen! Private 197? USA Heavy rock SHREDDED WHEAT Same Owl 197? USA OH Rock SIDDHARTA Weltschmerz Private 1975 Germany Prog Rock
    SIDETRACK, The Baby Private 1970 USA NY Folk psych
    SILBERBART Four Times Sound Razing Philips 1971 Germany
    Hard rock
    SILENT CHEER Learning Insipid Zeal Private 1968 USA Rock
    SILOAH Sukram Gurk Private 1972 Germany Psych
    SILVER STARS Japan rock
    SILVERBEARDS Sharp Creations Philips 1971 Germany Rock
    SILVERLEAF ? ? 1969? USA SD?
    SITTING BULL Trip Away Cbs 197? Germany
    SKOGIE There's a String Attached.. General 1974 USA MN
    SKYDOG Private 197? USA Rock
    SKYEROS Same Private 197? USA MO Prog
    SKYWALKER Made in Flight Phax 1982 USA CA HR SLAUTER XSTROYES Winterkill Private 1985 USA IL HM
    SLOSHMEAT Forever Your Squirrel Ribald 1975 USA
    SMACK, The Same Audio House 1968 USA Psych
    SMITH, BOB The Visit Kent 1970 USA
    SMOKE It's Smoke Time Metronome 1966 Germany Flower
    SMOKIN WILLIE Same Ulrich 1969 USA IL Psych
    SNAKEYE Shape up or Ship out Private 1980? Canada Rock
    SNAKEYE Blue Feeling Big Harold 1975 Canada Rock
    SNIPER Japan metal
    SNOW Same (10" record) Sass 1981 USA CA Hard
    SNOWAXE Same Rio 1980 Canada Rock
    SOCRATES DRANK THE CRONIUM On the Wings Polydor 1973
    Greece hard rock
    SOLAR EAGLE Same Give your.. 198? Canada Heavy Metal
    SOLITUDE AETURNUS First 2 albums Roadrunner 1 Doom
    SOM IMAGINARIO Same Odeon 1970 Brazil SORCERY Sinister Soldiers Private 1978 USA IL Heavy Psych
    SOULS OF INSPYRATION Same Columbia 1970 Canada Psych garage
    SOWER Same Grand Trine 1977 USA Folk rock
    SPACE CIRCUS Fantastic Arrival Rca 197? Japan Hard rock

    SPARE CHANGE BAND Same Tribute 1978 USA Rock SPARTAN Face the Creator Shotgun 1976 Canada Rock
    SPEAKERS, The En el maravilloso Mundo... Polydor 1969 Mexico

    SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI Eve Atlantic 197? Japan Rock SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI Same Atlantic 197? Japan rock SPERMULL Same Brain 1973 Germany Heavy Prog SPIFFYS 68 Private 1968 USA Psych
    SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Lies to Live by Daffodil 1974 Canada hard
    SPOT Swiss Heavy
    SPRING Life Cbs 1971 Germany hard rock
    ST. LOUIS HOUNDS Same Private 197? USA MO Rock
    ST. PIUS X SEMINARY CHOIR Each One heard in his own...
    Century 1968
    USA Psych
    STACK Above all Charisma 196? USA Psych STANLEY Enemy Avenue Private 1981 USA TX Hard Rock
    STARCHILD Children of the Night Axe 1978 Canada hard rock
    STARFIRES Play OHRS 1964 USA OH Garage
    STEEL MILL Green Eyed God Bellaphon 197? Germany
    STEELBACK Five Star Lady Handover Canada Hard Rock
    STEFFENS, DIRK Seventh Step Nova 197? Germany
    STENCIL FOREST Opening Act Private 1983 USA IN Prog
    STEP, JOE Sacrifice Ccs 1982 USA Metal
    STEVE ELLIS & STARFIRES Steve Ellis Songbook IGL 1967 USA

    STONE CIRCUS Same Mainstream 196? USA Rock STONEHARBOUR Emerges Private 1974 USA OH Rock
    STONEWALL Same Tiger Lily 197? USA Hard Rock
    STRANGE Same Private 1969 USA WA
    STRAWBERRY PATH When the Raven has come... Philips 1971 Japan

    STREEK Same Badland 1981 USA CA Aor
    STROKE BAND Green and Yellow Abacus 1978 USA Rock
    STUD 1975? USA TX Rock
    SUB ZERO BAND Same Private 1970 USA Psych
    SUGARCREEK LIve at the Roxy Beaver 1981 USA Rock
    SUMMER SOUNDS, The Up Down Laurel 196? USA Psych
    SUNDAY Same Bellaphon 1972 Germany Prog/psych
    SUNPOWER BAND, The Same Rightnow 197? USA WA Hippy Rock
    SURVIVAL La Onda De Rex 1971 Mexico Blues psych
    SWEET PANTS For Fat Peter... Private 196? USA PA Psych
    T.P.SMOKE Germany
    TALIX Spuren Vogue 1971 Germany Prog
    TAR BABY Same New South 1974 USA FL Rock TARGAL, JEM Lucky Guy S'Heavy 1968 USA Rock psych
    TARKUS ?? ?? 19?? Peru
    TELFER, JAY ? Axe 197? Canada
    TEMPEST Same Private 1976 USA TX Hard Rock TEMPTERS, The First Album Philips Japan Psych rock $50
    TERCO Same Continental 197? Brazil
    TERJE, JESPER AND JOACHIM Same Spectator 1970
    Heavy Rock
    TETRAGON Private 197? Germany
    THEE MUFFINS Pop Up Private 1966 USA Garage
    THINGS TO COME Same Century 1978 USA
    THINK Germany
    THIRD ESTATE Years Before the Wine Private 1976 USA
    THOMAS, DAVID CLAYTON and the Shays A Go Go Roman 196?
    Canada Garage Rock
    THORS HAMMER Same Metronome 1971 Denmark Prog THUNDER RIDER Tales of Darkness Danceplant 1989 Canada
    THUNDERPUSSY Documents of Captivity Mrt 1973 USA CA
    TIBET Germany
    TIGER B. SMITH Tiger Rock Vertigo Germany
    TIGHT LITTLE UNIT Live at Liberty Lanes Orchid 1966 USA
    TIMMOTHY Strange but True Pear 1972 USA MI
    TITCOMB, BRENT Same Manohar 19?? Canada Folk Psych
    TITUS & ROSS Same Private 1969 USA Folk
    TITUS OATES Jungle Lady Private 1977 USA TX Hard
    TOAD Tomorrow Blue Hallelujah 1973 Swiss hard rock
    TOBRUK Ad Lib Cash Box 1972 Brazil TOGETHER Same Ransom 1969? USA NJ Folk
    Together Sound of Lehigh Valley Various Artists Red Barn 1971 USA
    PA Garage
    TOMMOROW'S GIFT Same Plus 1/2 197? Germany
    TOMORROW'S CHILDREN Same Private 197? USA Rock
    TOP DRAWER Solid Oak Private 197? USA Psych
    TOPPER At Last Scot 1977 USA Prog
    TORMENTORS Hangin' Round Royal 1967 USA CA Psych TORQUES Live Lemco 1966 USA
    TOTTY Same Our First USA OK Hard Rock
    TOUCH Streetsuite Mainline 1970 USA
    TOUCH Same Jewel 1980 USA OH Hard Rock
    TOUCHSTONE Same Private 1979 USA Prog/Folk
    TOYS Dashboard Music Private 198? USA NY? Rock/Aor TRAVELERS AID Corduroy Roads Private 1970 USA CA Rock
    TRIGGER BAND, VIC Electronic Wizard Private 1977 USA
    CA hard
    TRIKOLON Cluster Private 1971 Germany Psych
    TRIMBLE, BOBB Iron Curtain Innocence Private 1980 USA Acid Folk
    TRIPLE X First Legal Bootleg Album Private 1970 USA Rock
    TRIPSICHORD MUSIC BOX Same Janus 1971 USA Psych
    TRIZO 50 Same C. Cavern 1969 USA Garage Psych
    TROYA Point of Eruption Forderturm 197? Germany
    TRUTH N JANEY No Rest for the Wicked 1976 USA Hard Rock
    Tsusui Yasutaka / Yamashita Yosuke IE Frasco 1976 Japan

    TWEDDLE, CHARLIE Fantastic Greatest Hits Private 197? USA

    TYBURN TALL Same Priva...

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