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    Op dinsdag 30 januari 1996 09:00:00 UTC+1 schreef Fred G. Sanford:
    Here's my want list! Let me know if you have anything, I'm always
    looking! Please state your conditions/price - thanks!
    Hi Fred, I'd had some two items for you: MCKenna Mendelson Mainline - debut LP (Paragon/CAN) - EX/EX and Brent Tritbomb - Lp Same (Manohar/CAN)EX/EX. Total price $ 100,- + postage. Please let me know.


    ARTIST / title / label / year / country / state / style

    $27 SNAP ON FACE Same Private 197? USA CA
    1980 BRATS Same Cbs 1980 Denmark Punk Rock
    2066 AND THEN Reflections on the Future UA 1972
    Heavy Prog
    25 REGIMENT Same Lero 1967 Canada Beat
    25TH REGIMENT Ecology Trans-C 1968 Canada PQ Psych
    49TH PARALLEL Same Venture 1969 Canada Psych
    A FOOT IN COLD WATER Same or 2nd Lp Daffodil 197? Canada
    Hard rock
    A PASSING FANCY Same Boo 1968 Canada psych
    ACES COMBO Introducing Justice 1966 USA Garage
    ACID SYMPHONY Same Private 196? USA CA box set psych
    ADRIAN & THE SUNSETS Breakthrough Private 196? USA Garage

    AESSENCE Same Private 1985 USA Psych folk
    AGAPE Victims of Tradition Renrut 197? USA CA Xian
    AGAPE Gospel Hard Rock Mark 1970 USA CA Xian Rock
    AGNUS ?? ?? 19?? Argentina
    AGUATURBIA Same Arena 1970 Chile Psych
    AGUATURBIA Volumen II Arena 1971 Chile Psych AINIGMA Diluvium Private 1973 Germany Psych AIRKRAFT Proximity Ark 1985 USA WI Rock ALBATROSS Same Anvil 1978 USA IL Prog
    ALIEN CITY Same Dog Star 1979 USA NM Hippy
    ALKANA Welcome to my Paradise Babybird 1978 USA rock
    ALPHA CENTAURI Same Salt 1977 Canada
    ALPHA CENTAURI Same Salt 1977 USA CO Rock prog
    AMAZIAH Straight Talker Tunesmith 197? Canada Jesus Rock
    AMERICAN STANDARD Same Private 1970? USA NY
    AMIGOS DE MARIA Rock! Odeon 1972 CHILE Psych
    AMOS KEY First Key Spiegelei 1974 Germany Prog
    AMULET Same Shadow 1980 USA IN Hard Rock
    ANA BLACK She's a tease (??) Private 198? Canada Rock
    ANDREW Whoops! Private 197? Iceland
    ANDROMEDA Same Rca 1969 England
    ANONYMOUS Same A Major 1976 USA IN Psych
    ANT TRIP CEREMONY 24 Hrs. Crc 1967 USA Psych
    APACHE Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Akashic 1971 USA
    APRYL FOOL Japan
    ARCADIUM Breath Awhile Middle Earth 1969 England Heavy psych
    ARCESIA Reachin' Alpha 197? USA Psych
    ARCUS First Launching Private 1973 USA NJ rock
    ARION The Sampler Private 1979 USA IL Rock
    ARK Voyages Private 1978 USA FL Folk Psych
    ARKTIS Same Private 1973 Germany Psych
    ARTHUR Same Private 1969 USA Folk Psych ARTHUR'S MUSEUM any ? Canada Rock ARTHUR'S MUSEUM Gallery Closed Private 1988 USA Rock
    ARZACHEL Same Roulette 1969 USA Psych ASHBURY Endless Skies Private 1983 USA AZ Rock
    ASHER Same Zipperleg 1984 USA Aor
    ASIA Same Private 1979 USA SD Prog
    AUGUST. Same Nisesound 1968 USA Garage
    AUNT MARY Janus Vertigo 1973 Norway heavy prog
    AUTUMN PEOPLE Same Private 197? USA AZ Psych
    AVALON Voice of Life London 1977 Canada Rock
    AXIS Same Riviera 1971 Canada Hard fuzz
    AZITIS Help Elco 1971 USA Psych
    BABY Same Sidetrack 1970 USA NY Folk Rock
    BADGE & CO. Same Private 1977 USA KS Blues Rock BALTIMORE'S TEEN BEAT A Go Go Dome 196? USA MD
    BANDOLERO Same Eclipse 1969 USA Psych
    BARRACUDAS A Plane View of.... Justice 1967 USA Garage

    BASKERVILLE HOUNDS Featuring Space Rock pt. 2 Dot 1967
    BAUMSTAMM Germany
    BEAR MOUNTAIN BAND One More Day Predator 1970 USA CA
    BEAT OF THE EARTH Same Radish 1968 USA
    BEAU COUP Same Agora 1984 USA OH Rock
    BEAUREGARDE Same F-Empire 1969 USA
    BEAVER Same (acetate) Private 197? USA TX Hard Rock
    BENT WIND Sussex Trend 1972? Canada Psych
    BERBERIAN, JOHN A Mid Eastern Odyssey Olympia 19?? USA
    BEYOND Music and... Tuhlotte 197? USA TX Rock Prog
    BIG BROTHER(featuring Ernie J.) Same All American 1970 USA
    BIG LOST RAINBOW Same Private 1973 USA CT Folk Psych
    BIZ, The Matter of Time Bent 19?? Canada Prog rock
    BLACK ORCHIDS Awol Private 1972 USA Rock
    BLACK VOY ALLEY Same Private 1972 USA AZ Rock
    BLACK, TERRY Black Plague Arc 1965 Canada folk rock
    BLACKWATER PARK Dirt Box Basf 1971 Germany Hard Rock
    BLESSED END Movin On Tns 1971 USA PA Rock
    BLIND RAVAGE Same Crescent 1973 Canada Heavy Psych
    BLIND VENGEANCE Taste of Sin Private 1984 Canada HM
    BLISS Same Canyon 1968 USA NM Rock/Psych
    BLIZZARDS I'm Your Guy Fontana 1966 Germany
    BLOPS Same Alba 1974 Chile Prog
    BLOSSOM TOES any Canada
    BOA Wrong Road Snakefield 1969 USA MI Psych
    BODKIN Same West 1972 England heavy
    BOHEMIAN VENDETTA Same Mainstream 1968 USA Garage Psych
    BONDSMEN, The Same Austin 1966 USA TX Garage
    BOOTCAMP Same "or" 5 By 4 Oui Oui 1984 USA Aor
    BOOTH, DAVIS AND LOWE Prototype Private 1978 USA NM
    BOULDER DAMN Mourning Private 1971 USA FL Heavy Rock
    BOW STREET RUNNERS Same B.T. Puppy 1971 USA Psych
    BRAIN POLICE #3 Victor 1972 Japan
    BRAINTICKET any Germany
    BRAZDA BROTHERS Same Dominion 197? Canada ON Psych
    BREAKER In the Days of HM Canada HM
    BRIGADE Last Laugh Private 1970 USA Psych
    BRIGG Same Susquehann 1972 USA PA Psych
    BRIGHTON ROCK debut Flying Fist 198? Canada Metal Rock
    BRIGMAN, GEORGE Jungle Rot 197? USA Psych
    BRIMTSTONE Paper Winged Dreams Private 1968 USA OH

    BRITISH MODBEATS Mod is Red Leaf 1967 Canada Beat
    BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN ACT In the Beggining Now 19??
    Canada Psych
    BRONIN HOGMAN BAND Same Gamut 1974 USA Acid psych
    BRONX Japan metal
    BROTHERHOOD Stavia Private 1972 USA OH
    BUDGIE Homicidal Suicidal 1 compilation lp
    BUFFALO ?? ?? 19?? Mexico
    BUMP Same Pioneer 1970 USA Psych
    BURNT SUITE Same Bjw 197? USA CT Rock
    BUSCH, JERRY The Demo Tapes Private 1976 USA OH
    BUSHES Assorted Shrubbery Private 1968 USA Psych
    C.A. QUINTET A Trip Thru Hell Candy Floss 1968 USA MN
    CAJA DE PANDORA Same Private 1981 Mexico CANNATA, JEFF License to Love Mirage 1976 Canada HR CARDEILHAC Same Dbr 197? Swiss heavy
    CARGO Frontside Backside Trend 1969 Canada
    CAROL OF HARVEST Same Brutkasten 197? Germany
    CATHEDRAL Stained Glass Stories Delta 197? USA Prog
    CEREMONY Buddha meets rock Japan
    CHAIN REACTION X-Rated Dream Private 198? Canada
    CHALIS One Small Chance Private 1975 USA Prog
    CHAMELEON Same "or" Balance Platinum 1983 USA WI
    CHAMPIGNONS Premiere Capsule GG 1972 Canada Blues psych
    CHAMPION 198? Canada Hard Rock CHARLEE Same Rca 197? Canada hard rock CHICKEN BONES Hard Rock in Concert Procom 1972 Germany
    Hard Rock
    CHILD'S ART Un-Cut Gold 1982 USA
    CHIRCO Visitation Crested B. 1972 USA psych
    CHRISTMAS Heritage Daffodil 1970 Canada
    CHRISTOPHER Same Metromedia 197? USA Psych CHRISTOPHER What'cha Gonna Do Chris-tee 1969 USA
    CHURCHILL'S Same Hed Azri 1969 Israel Psych CINEMAFACE Same Red Sun 1983 Canada Rock
    CIRCUIT RIDER Same Private 1980 USA
    CIRCUS 2000 Escape from a Box Ri Fi 1972 Italy
    CLAP Have You Reached Yet? Nova Sol 1970 USA CA Psych
    CLARK, TODD We're Not Safe World Theat 1979 USA PA
    CLINT, BILL Crying of a Generation Private 1975 USA Acid Folk
    COCHRAN, STEVIE No Need to Worry Private 1983 USA Hard Rock
    COFRADIA DE LA FLOR SOLAR Same Microphon 1971
    COLOR HUMANO I (or any) Talent 1971 Argentina
    COLUMBUS CIRCLE Saint John's Eve Pharoah 1976 USA
    COLWELL-WINFIELD & FRIENDS Live Bust Za-zoo 1971 USA
    Blues Rock
    COMMON PEOPLE Of People, By People, For... Columbia 1968 USA
    COMOX and Friends Houka 1974 Canada Rock Psych CONCRETE RUBBER BAND Risen Savior Aa 1974 USA MO
    CONDITION GREEN Life of Change Viento 1978 Japan CONDITION GREEN Mixed Up See Saw 1979 Japan
    CONNEXION Same Rca 1975 Canada Hard Rock CONNOLLY, ROBERT Plateau Private 197? Canada Prog COOKIN' MAMA New Day Private 197? USA CA Prog
    COOL-AID BENEFIT Volume One Arthfor 1970 Canada Compilation
    CORNUCOPIA Full Horn Brain Germany
    CORPUS Creation : A Child Acorn 1972 USA TX Psych
    COSMIC DEBRIS Same Private 1980 USA OK Prog
    COSMIC JOKERS Same KK 1974 Germany space prog
    COSMIC MICHAEL Same Bliss 1969 USA NY Psych
    COSMIC RAY Living Today Phase One Spirit 1980 Canada Rock
    COSMOS FACTORY Old Castle from Transylvania Columbia 1973 Japan
    COUNT RAVEN 2nd Lp England 1 Doom metal COUNTS, The Introducing... Private 1963 USA SC Garage

    CRACK Day of Doom Tiger Lily 1976 USA prog/psych
    CRAFTY HANDS Same Dog 1982 USA Prog
    CRASH COFFIN Same Mus-i-col 1969 USA Psych CREATION EARTH Who Am I Childrens V. 1977 USA hippy psych
    CREATION OF SUNLIGHT Same Windi 196? USA CA Psych
    CREEF Good Herbs Private 1988 Canada Psych
    CREME SODA Tricky Zingers Trinity 1975 USA WI Psych CROSSRODE Same Private 1980 USA Hard Rock CROSSTOWN BUS High Grass Mca 1969? Canada Rock CRUISER Rollin' with the Times Network 1980 Canada AOR/Rock
    CRY 3 Same Clearlight 1975 USA Prog
    CRYSTAL IMAGE Dream Private 1974 USA CA Rural Psych CRYSTAL SUSPENTION Same Double Jay 1978 USA HR
    CULPEPPER'S ORCHARD Same Polydor 1971 Germany Prog
    CURLY CURVE Same Brain 197? Germany
    CYCLE Same Tamarac 1969 Canada Psych
    CYKLE, The Same Private 1969 USA Psych
    DA CAPO Same Private 1971 Germany psych
    DAMIN EIH and BROTHER CLARK Never Mind Demelot 1973 USA
    MN Psych
    DAMON Song of a Gypsy Ankh 1970 USA CA Psych
    DANNA & CLEMENT Same Private 1977 USA Prog Rock
    DARIUS Same Chartmaker 1969 USA CA Fuzz
    DARK Round the Edges Private 1972 England hard rock
    DARK STAR Private 1986 Canada Rock/Aor DARKSTAR Into the Heartland Ariel 1978 Canada Rock
    DAVID Same Sound 1968 Canada Psych
    DAVID, The Another Day, Another Life.... Vmc 1967 USA
    DAY ONE One Look Day One 1985 USA Aor DAYBREAK Same Rpc 1971 USA NY Garage
    DE DE LIND Io Non So Da Dove... Mercury 1972 Italy Prog
    DEAD END Japan metal
    DEEP Psychedelic Moods Parkway 1966 USA Acid psych
    DEMON THOR Germany
    DESCHAMPS, NOEL Same RCA 1966 Canada Beat Psych
    DIABOLUS Same Bellaphon 197? germany
    DIES IRAE First Pilz 197? Germany Heavy
    DIO "AT DOMINOES" Same Private 196? USA NY DIONYSOS Same London 1967 Canada Prog
    DODO RESURRECTION Same Private 1971 England Prog rock
    DOG OF NAZERETH It's not the heat, it's the humidity Unicorn 1975
    USA CA
    DOGFEET England Prog
    DONOVAN, ANTHONY Listen to your Love Rpc 1984 USA NY
    DORIAN GRAY Idaho Transfer Private 1976 Germany Prog psych
    DORMOUSE, JEREMY Same Toad 1968 Canada Folk Psych
    DR. HOOKER Private 19?? USA Psych
    DRAGONFLY Same Megaphone 197? USA CA Fuzz
    DRAGONWYCK Same Private 1970 USA OH
    DREAM Living in a Dream Dreamusic 1979 USA
    DRNWYN Gypsies in the Mist Private 1978 USA Folk psych
    DROSSELBART Same Polydor 1971 Germany Prog Rock DRYEWATER Same Jtb 1974 USA Hard Rock DSCHINN Same Bellaphon 1971 Germany hard rock
    DUDE DURST Krokodil Solo Sunset 1970 Germany Prog psych
    DUG DUGS Same Rca 197? Mexico hard rock
    DUG DUGS Smog Rca 197? Mexico hard rock
    DUG DUGS Cambia Cambia Rca 1975 Mexico hard rock
    DUG DUGS El Loco Rca 1977 Mexico hard rock
    DULL KNIFE Electric Indian Philips 1971 Germany Heavy EARTHRISE Same Arcedem 1977 USA Prog
    EASTER ISLAND Same Private 1977 USA Prog
    EDEN Same Total 1976 Canada Prog rock
    EDMUND, BOB I See No Colors Rabo 1967 USA
    EGO ON THE ROCKS Acid in Wonderland Jupiter 1980 Germany
    Space psych
    EJWUUSL WESSAHOOAN Same Private 1971 Germany
    EL RELOJ Same Rca 197? Argentina Hard Prog
    EL RITUAL Same Raff 1971 Mexico
    EL TARRO DE MOSTAZA Same capitol 1971 Mexico ELECTRIC SANDWICH Same Brain 197? Germany Hard rock
    ELECTRIC SOUND FOR DANCING Same Maritim 1970 Germany
    Heavy psych
    ELFENBEIN Germany
    ELIAS HULK Unchained Youngblood England Heavy Psych
    ELLIOT, STEVE Same Private 1969 USA Folk
    ELLISON Same Supreme 1970 Canada Psych
    ELONKORJUU Harvest Time Parlophone 197? Finland Prog
    EMBRUJO Same Arena 1971 Chile Psych
    EMERALD CITY Waiting for the Dawn Hippopotam. 1975 Canada

    EMERY, TIM Alias Redd Garrett Private 197? USA
    EMMAUS RD. BAND This Could be the Beginning Private 197? USA
    Xian Rock
    EMTIDI Saat Pilz 1972 Germany acid folk
    ENIGMA Same Cbs 197? Mexico Hard rock EPIDAURUS Earthly Paradise Private 1977 Germany Prog
    EPIZOOTIC Day Break Private 1976 Sweden Hard Rock
    EQUILIBRIO VITAL Same Color 1983 Venezuela
    EQUUS Same Auto 1985 Canada HR
    ERIC Same Private 196? USA OH Rock
    ERLKOENIG Germany
    ESQUIRES Same Capitol 1964 Canada
    ESTES BROTHERS Transitions Edcom 1971 USA OH Garage

    ETERNITY Same Private 197? USA Hard Rock EUDOXIS Attack from Above Ep Private 198? Canada Heavy Metal
    EUPHORIA Lost in a Trance Private 197? USA WI hard Rock
    EXCALIBUR First Album Reprise 1971 Germany Heavy EXPEDITION Live Cegep 197? Canada Blues Rock
    EYES Aardvark to Zymurgy World Theatre 1977 USA PA
    FAINE JADE Introspection Rsvp 1968 USA Psych FALCONS Fever Hansa 197? Germany psych
    FAR OUT 197? Japan Prog
    FARM Same Private 1969 USA IL Psych
    FATHER YOD & SPIRIT OF '76 Kohoutek Higher Key 1976 USA
    FIFTH PIPE DREAM Various Artists S.F. Sound 196? USA CA
    FINE, PETE On Day of Crystaline Thought Private 1974 USA
    FIRST CHIPS Same Clay Pigeon 1972 USA Garage FLATBACKER Japan metal
    FLAX One Vertigo 1976 Norway rock
    FLEMING, MIKE Same Image 1980 Canada ON Rock
    FLIED EGG Goodbye Vertigo 1972 Japan
    FLIED EGG Dr. Siegels fried egg shoot.... Philips 1972 Japan

    FLOOD Rise of... Maple 197? USA NJ Psych
    FLORIAN GEYER Beggars Pride Private 1976 Germany Hard Rock
    FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND Satori Grt 197? Canada Hard rock
    FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND Anywhere Philips 1970 Japan
    FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND Satori Atlantic 1971 Japan

    FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND Made in Japan Atalntic 1972 Japan

    FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND Make Up Atlantic 1973 Japan

    FLOWERS Challenge Japan psych $150 FLOWERS/MOPS Split Lp w/ 2 bands Japan psych
    FLUDD On Daffodil 1972 Canada Rock
    FLY BY NIGHT Zoo Road Maniac 1980 USA PA Rock
    FLYING KARPET Mexico Psych
    FLYING MOUNTAIN Mountain's Dream Private 1978 Canada Folk
    FLYING TEA CUP Same Private 1981 Japan Prog $150 FOLLY'S POOL Same Century 1977 USA CA Prog
    FOOD BRAIN Social Gathering Japan
    FORTUNE TELLER Inner-City Scream Private 1968 USA MD
    FOSTERCHILD any 197? Canada Hard rock
    FOUL DOGS No. 1 Rhythm S. 1966 USA Garage
    FOX & COMPANY Same Eab 1977 USA Rock
    FRACTION Moonblood Angelus 1974 USA CA Xian Psych
    FRAME Of Mind Bellaphon 1971 Germany Heavy Prog FRANKLIN EXPLOSION, ALAN Blues Climax Horne 1970 USA FL Blues
    FRATERNITY Flaming Galah Rca 1972 Australian
    FRATERNITY Livestock Australian
    FREDERIC Phases & Faces Forte 1968 USA Psych
    FREE ACTION Plays rock... Help 1970 Italian Heavy psych
    FREEDOM NORTH Same Aquarius 197? Canada Rock psych
    FRESH BLUEBERRY PANCAKES Same Private 1970 USA OH Garage

    FRIEDHOF Same Private 197? Germany
    FRIENDS Time for a Crossing Rpc 1978 USA
    FROLK HAVEN At the Apex of High Lrs 1975 USA CA
    FUEDAL LORDS ? Private 196? USA IN Psych
    FUGITIVES At Dave's Hideout Hideout 1965 USA Garage

    FULLMOON Same Montague 1980 USA PA Hard Rock
    FUZZY DUCK Same MaM 1970? England Heavy Psych GALADRIEL Same Polydor 197? Germany Prog
    GALAXY Day Without the Sun Skyqueen 1976 USA FL Prog
    GAMES Stargazer Private 1977 USA Prog
    GANDALF THE GREY The Grey Wizard am I Gwr 1972 USA
    GANDHARVA Cosmic Sound of... Sadhu 1977 USA cosmic psych
    GANIMIAN & HIS ORIENTAL MUSIC Come with me to the Casbah Atco
    USA Eastern psych
    GASH A Young Man's Gash Brain 1972 Germany
    GATES OF DAWN Keep on Truckin Private 1974? Canada
    GATOR Germany
    GEINOYAMASHIROGUMI Osorezan Victor 197? Japan Psych $150
    GEORGIE PORGIE LEONARD One Man Band Private 196? USA RI
    GERARDO MANUEL I EL HUMO Macchu Picchu 2000 Polydor 1971 Peru
    GIFT any Germany
    GILA any 197? Germany Prog
    GOLDEN ROD Same Chartmaker 1969 USA CA Psych
    GOLDEN THROAT ?? Private 197? USA HI
    GOLOWIN, SERGIUS Lord Krishna Von Goloka KK 1973 Germany
    Space psych
    GOMORRAH any Basf 197? Germany Heavy
    GRAIL Same Metronome 197? Germany Hard Rock
    GRAN MAX Kiss Heaven Goodbye Panama 197? USA MO Hard Rock
    GRAND THEFT Same Private 1972 USA WA Hard rock GRANDMA'S ROCKERS Homemade Apple Pie..... Fredlo 196? USA
    GRAPES OF RATHE Glory Private 1969 USA garage psych
    GROUNDSTAR Forced Landing Stellar 1980 USA CA Rock GROWING CONCERN Same Mainstream 1968 USA Psych
    GRUDZIEN, PETER The Unicorn Private 1974 USA CA Acid Folk
    GWYDION Songs for the Old Religion Nemeton 1975 USA CA
    GYPSY The Goddess Velvet Sky 1987 USA WI
    GYPSY BLOOD Rokkouorishi Vertigo 1972 Japan Rock HA'PENNYS Love is not the Same Fersch 1967 USA Garage

    HAIRY CHAPTER any Bellaphon 1972 Germany Heavy Rock
    HALLELUJAH Same Metronome 1971 Germany Hard Prog
    HAMANA Same Canyon 1974 USA AZ Rock
    HAND OF DOOM Poisonoise Private Germany HARPER, ARTHUR LEE Love is the Revolution Nocturine 1969
    HAUNTED Canada Psych
    HAYMARKET SQUARE Magic Lantern Chapperel 1968 USA IL
    HEAD MACHINE Orgasm Vogue France Psych
    HEAD SHOP Same Epic 1969 USA Psych
    HEADS OF OUR TIME Same Good Groov 1968 Canada
    HEADSTONE Still Looking Starr 1974 USA OH HR HEATHCLIFF, JUSTIN Same Atlantic 1971 JAP Psych
    HEAVY BALLOON 32000 Pound Elephant 1969 USA Psych
    HEAVY LOAD Full Speed at High Level Heavy sound 1978 Sweden
    HEITKOTTER Same Ego 1972 USA
    HELPFUL SOUL First Album Victor Japan fuzz
    HERO Germany
    HEYES, MARK Words and Music of... Good Sounds 1969? USA
    CA Rock
    HILLOW HAMMET Hammer (or any!) Private 197? USA Rock
    HOLLAND, RANDY Cat Mind Mother 1972 USA NJ Rock
    HOMER Grown in the USA Universal 1969 USA TX Rock
    HOOTCH Same Pro-gress 1974 USA WI Rock/Acid
    HOPNEY Any Illusion 1977 USA FL Rock
    HORSE Same Rca 197? England
    HORTON Dance Hall for Midgets Private 1976 USA Blues Psych
    HOST Hardt Mot Hardt On 1976 Norway prog
    HUMAN BEAST Volume One Decca 1970 Canada psych
    HUMAN INSTINCT All original albums 197? New Zealand
    HUMANIST ADVENT Concepts Invasion Reveal 1978 Canada acid
    HUNGER Strictly from..... Public 1969 USA WA Psych
    HUNT Same Grt/Daffodil Canada
    HYBRID ICE Same A Street 1982 USA PA Aor/Prog
    I DRIVE Same Metronome 1972 Germany prog
    ICE Melting Your Mind Private 197? USA Psych Rock
    ICE Saga of the Ice King Storm 1979 England Prog
    ICE Germany
    ICECROSS Same Icecross 1873 Iceland Rock
    IKARUS Same Plus 4 197? germany
    ILLUSION Same Sinergia 1974 USA HI Psych IMAGRANTS, The '66 Private 1966 USA Garage
    IMPALA SYNDROME Same Paralax 1969 USA Psych INCREDIBLE HOG any Canada Rock INCREDIBLE HOG Germany
    INDIGO Meer Der Zeit Private 1977 Germany Prog INNOCENT, The Livin' in the Streets Red Label 1985 USA
    OH Rock
    INTO THE VOID ? Hellhound Germany 1 Doom metal
    INTRODUCTION ONE Various Artists Private 1974 Japan
    INVADERS On the Right Track Justice 1966 USA Garage
    IOU Same Private 1978? USA MI Rock
    IRISH COFFEE Same England Psych
    IRON GYPSY Same 198? Canada HM
    IRON LUNG High Bail Private 1974 USA IL Blues
    IT'S ALL MEAT Same Columbia 1970 Canada Psych
    ITHACA A Game for all who Know Merlin 1974 England
    J. TEAL Cooks Private 197? USA
    J.B. & The PLAYBOYS Same Rca 1966 Canada
    JACK LONDON & THE SPARROWS Same Capitol 1965 Canada
    JACKAL Awake Periwinkle 1970 Canada Heavy
    JADE STONE & LUV Mosaics, Pieces of Stone Private 1977 USA TN
    JAMES, MICHAEL Runaway World Private 1978 USA MN Prog
    JARVIS STREET REVUE Mr. Oil Man Columbia 1969 Canada
    JARVO RUNGA Demo Disc Private 1972 USA NJ Garage

    JATO ? Private 1987 Canada AOR
    JEFF MOORE AND FRIENDS The Youngest Son Private 1974 Canada

    JELLY BEAN BANDITS Same Mainstream 1967 USA
    JENGHIZ KHAN Well Cut Barclay 1970 Canada Heavy psych
    JENSEN SISTERS Dancin' in the Autumn Breeze Accent 1978 USA

    JERICHO JONES Junkies, Monkeys and Donkeys A&M 1971
    JERKWATER Germany
    JOE Japan
    JOINT EFFORT Final Effort Private 1974 Canada Rock
    JOKERS MEMORY Same Private 1976 USA Prog
    JOSHUA ...and God Spoke Impact 197? USA Jesus Rock
    JR. & HIS SOULETTES Psychedelic Sounds Private 19?? USA

    JURASSIC JADE Japan metal
    KACZYNSKI, CHARLES Lumiere de la Nuit Private 1978 Canada
    KAK Same Epic 1969 USA Psych
    KALEIDOSCOPE ?? ?? 19?? Mexico
    KAPPUTER HAMSTER Same Private 1974 Germany Psych KARROLL BROS. Baby Get Down Rio 198? USA Rock
    KARUNA KHYAL Alomoni 1985 Voice 197? Japan psych $100 KASPER Hammered Lark Ellen 1976 USA rural rock
    KENNELMUS Folk Stone Prism Phoenix 1968 USA AZ
    KENSO Japan prog
    KHAZAD DOOM Level 6 and a half USA IL Psych
    KICK Same Private 1980 USA CA Hard Rock
    KICKIN Starbound Lady Private 1978 USA NE Rock
    KILLER Ladykiller Bellaphon 198? Europe 1 Metal
    KING STAR ECHO Same Private 196? USA Psych KISSING SPELL Los Pajaros Arena 1970 Chile Psych KITCHINGS, TAYLOR Clean Break Union 1972 USA MS
    Folk Psych
    KOALA Same Capitol Canada Psych
    KOPPERFIELD Tales Untold Private 1974 USA IL Hard
    KOSUGI, TAKEHISA Catch Wave CBS 1975 Japan
    KREED This is Kreed Visions... 1971 USA MN
    KRIS KRINGLE Todos Los Derechos Reserv. Private 1968
    KROKODIL Invisible World Revealed UA 197? Germany
    KRYSTAL Same Private 1975 USA KY Psych
    KUNI KAWACHI AND FRIENDS Same King 1970 Japan Heavy prog
    L'EXPERIENCE 9 Freak Out Total Revolution 1968? Canada
    L'INFONIE Same Polydor 1969 Canada Prog
    L'INFONIE Mantra Vol 33 Polydor 1970 Canada Prog
    LA LIBRE EXPRESION Same Loriuz 1969 Mexico
    LA ONDA DE SURVIVAL Same Rex 1971 Mexico blues psych
    LA REVOLUCION EMILIANO ZAPATA La Verdadera Vocacion... Polydor
    1971 Mexico
    LA REVOLUCION EMILIANO ZAPATA Same Polydor 1971 Mexico

    LADIES W. C. Same Souvenir 1969 Venezuela
    LAGHONIA Glue ?? 19?? Peru
    LAGHONIA Etc. Mag 1971 Peru Psych
    LANGSYNE Same Dusselton 1976 Germany LANGUIRAND, PASCAL Minos Kebec 1978 Canada Prog
    LATTER RAIN Same New Life 1976 USA Xian rock
    LAZY Japan rock
    LAZY SMOKE Corridor of Faces Onyx 1968 USA Psych
    LEAFHOUND Growers of Mushrooms
    LEAFHOUND any germany
    LECTRIC MUSIC REVOLUTION Same Marathon 1968 Canada
    LEE, TERRY Same Magic Music 1970 USA
    LEGEND From the Fjords Private 1979 USA CT Heavy Rock
    LEGEND In Their Own Time Private 1979 USA OH Hard ROck
    LEOPOLD, PERRY Experiment in Metaphysics Private 1970 USA
    PA Acid
    LES MALEDICTUS SOUND Same Canusa Canada Prog
    LES SAUTERELLES 1st Lp Germany
    LES SINNERS Sinerisme Jupiter 1967 Canada Psych
    LES SINNERS Same Rusticana 1967 Canada Fuzz Punk
    LES SULTANS En Personne Dip 19?? Canada
    LEVEL Same Black Sheep 1982 USA Aor
    LIBERMAN, JEFF All albums Librah USA Psych guitar
    LIFE German Heavy Rock Private 1983 Germany Hard rock
    LIFT Caverns in your Brain ? 197? USA Prog
    LIGHT The Story of Moses Brain 1973 Germany Prog
    LIGHT OF DARKNESS Same Philips 1971 Germany Heavy LIGHTSHINE Feelings Private 197? Germany Psych Rock
    LIMBUS 3 Germany
    LIMOUSINE Same Chassis 1982 USA Rock
    LIP CREAM Japan metal
    LIPS Hard n Heavy 1980 Canada Metal/Rock LITTER, The Distortios Warwick 1967 USA MN Psych LITTER, The $100 Fine Hexagon 1968 USA MN Psych
    LIVE AT BLOOD & BONES Same Private 1972 USA Folk
    LOAD, The Praise the Load Owl 1974 USA OH Prog LODESTONE Same Private 1981 USA CA Hard Rock
    LORDS Ulleogammaxbe Columbia 1969 Germany Beat
    LOS CHIJUAS Same Musart 1969 USA FL Psych
    LOS LOCOS Same Musart 1971 Mexico Hard Rock
    LOS MONSTROUS Los Monstrous Regis 1966 Mexico
    LOS PABLOS Same Teardrop 1970 USA TX Psych
    LOS PERDIDOS Same Private 1965 USA PA Garage
    LOVING SANDWICH Same Private 1967 USA Psych LUCIFER Same Gallo 1971 USA NY Rock
    LUND, GARRET Almost Grown Terra Fertillus 1976 USA CA
    Folk Psych
    LUV MACHINE Same Polydor 1971 England Hard rock MACARTHUR Same Private 1978 USA MI Prog
    MACK Rock & Becs Trans-W 197? Canada Hard Rock MACROY, FERGUS Mystic Kilmarnock 1968 Canada Folk
    MAD FABLES Get Off!! Private 197? USA Rock MADRIGAL Same Private 1969 USA NY Psych
    MAGI Win or Lose Uncle Dirty 1975 USA MI Hard
    MAGIC Same Armadillo 1970 USA FL
    MAGIC BUBBLE Same Columbia Canada Psych
    MAGIC DAYZE Same Private 1978 USA OH Rock/prog
    MAGIC SOUND CELEBRATION Imaginary World Private 197? Germany
    Space prog
    MAGICAL POWER MAKO Same Polydor 1973 Japan Prog $100 MAGIK Same Rca/Rayne 1981 Canada Hard rock
    MAIDEN VOYAGE In New York Frd 1974 USA rock
    MAJIC SHIP Same Bel Ami 1968 USA NY Psych
    MAJOR ARCANA Same Private 1975 USA WI Rock
    MAMMUT 1972 Germany Heavy Psych
    MANDO & THE CHILI PEPPERS On the Road w/ Rock n Roll Golden
    C. 1963
    USA Rock
    MANTIS Same Sweet Plum 197? Canada Prog
    MANTRA Same mm&c 1970 Canada Folk Rock
    MARBLE PHROGG Private 196? USA Psych
    MARCUS House of Trax Private 1978 USA Psych MARIANI Perpetuum Mobile Sonobeat 196? USA TX Psych
    MARINER Japan hard rock
    MARINO Japan hard rock
    MARY BUTTERWORTH Same Custom F. 1970? USA CA Psych
    MARZ Germany
    MASON Harbour 11th Hour 1971 USA Rock
    MATTHEWS INC., MILT For the People Catalyst 197? USA Black
    MAZANTI Philosopher Private 1979 USA Hard rock
    MAZE Armageddon Mta 1968 USA Psych
    MCCAW, CRAIG A Journey Private 1978 Canada Prog McCHURCH SOUNDROOM Delusion Pilz 197? Germany
    Heavy Prog
    MCDONALD & SHERBY Catharsis Private 1974 USA MN
    McKAY Into You Private 1978 USA IN Rock
    MCKENNA MENDELSON MAINLINE Same ..... or "Stink" Paragon 19??
    Canada Blues Rock
    MEADE RIVER John Gilbert Private 1971 USA KY Psych
    MEDIUM Same Gamma 1969 Canada prog/psych MELODIC ENERGY COMMISSION any Private 19?? Canada Space Rock
    MEMPHIS ?? ?? 19?? Venezuala MERCYFUL FATE Return of the Vampire Roadrunner 1
    MERKIN Music from Merkin Manor Windi 1969 USA Psych
    MESSAGE From Books & Dreams Bellaphon 197? Germany
    Heavy Prog
    MESSAGE It'll Be Awhile Black Gold 1981 USA NM Hard Rock
    MESSAGE Lessons Dreamdisc 1982 USA Rock MEZMERIST Innocent, Forsaken, Guilty Private 1985 USA
    Hard Rock
    MICHAEL ANGELO Same Bliss 1977 USA Folk rock
    MIDNIGHT Into the Night Private 1978 USA IL Rock MILITIA The Sybling Scythe 198? USA TX HM MILKWEED Same Private 1978 Canada Prog
    MIRTHRANDER For You, The Old Woman Mirth 1976 USA Rock
    MISSING LINK Germany
    MISSUS BEASTLY Same Cpm 197? Germany Prog MISTREATER Hell's Fire 700 West 1980 USA OH Hard Rock
    MIZUTANI, KIMIO any Japan
    MOBBEN Lever Private 1974 Sweden
    MODULO 1000 Nao Fale Can Paredes TT 197? Brazil Prog rock
    MOLES The Early Moles Sarcana 1973 USA Psych
    MOLLY OLIVER Same London 197? Canada Rock
    MONKS Black Monk Time Polydor 1967 Germany
    MONTES Cuando Brille El Tiempo Philips 197? Argentina
    MONTGOMERY, CHRISTOPHER Same Private 1971 USA Acid Folk
    MOONDOG Same Private 197? USA GA Southern Rock MOONKYTE Count Me Out Metronome 1971 Germany Acid Folk
    MOONSTONE Same Private USA PA? ROck
    MOPS Mops & Friends Liberty 197? Japan
    MOPS Psychedelic Sounds in Victor 1968 Japan Psych $400 MOPS Rock and Roll 70 Liberty 1970 Japan Psych $200 MORGEN Same Probe 1969 USA
    MORLEY GREY The Only Truth Starshine USA OH Hard Rock
    MORPHEUS Germany
    MOSES Changes Spectator 197? Denmark Heavy
    MOSES End of the Line Paradise 1978? Canada Hard Rock
    MOTHER TUCKERS YELLOW DUCK Home Grown Stuff Capitol 1969
    Canada Psych
    MOUZAKIS Magic Tube British Main 1970? USA Psych
    MURPHY BLEND First Loss Kuckuck 197? Germany Heavy
    MUTHA GOOSE I Alpha Omeg. 1975 USA Hard Rock
    MY SOLID GROUND Same Bacillus 1971 Germany
    MYSTIC SIVA Same V.O. 1970 USA Rock/Psych MYSTIQUE ? Private 198? Canada Heavy Metal
    NADA Miguel Abuelo & Nada Moshe Naim 1973 France prog
    NAZCA LINE Outer Space Connection Private 1979 USA OH
    NECROMONICON Tips Zum Selbstmord Prehodi Germany

    NEGATIVE SPACE Same Private 1969 USA NJ Psych NETHERWORLD ? Private 1981 USA CA Prog
    NEUTRAL SPIRITS Same Regency 1972 USA Psych
    NEW AGE Neptuned Private 1979 USA TX Prog
    NEW COLONY SIX Breakthrough Sentar 1966 USA Garage
    NEW DAWN There's a... Hoot 1970 USA CA
    NEW DIMENSIONS Soul Sutton 1964? USA
    NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS Same Ridon 1968 USA Psych NIGHTSHADOW Square Root of Two Spectrum 1968 USA GA Garage
    NIGHTSUN Mournin' Zebra 1972 Germany Heavy rock
    NOKEMONO From the Black World ?? 197? Japan
    NOMADS Hits of the Nomads Point 1965 Canada Garage Beat
    NOSFERATU Same Vogue 1970 Germany Prog
    NOSY PARKER Same Private 1975 USA NY
    NOVELA Japan
    NRG Fancy Lady Private 1980 Canada rock
    NUEVO MEXICO Hecho En Casa Orfeon 1975 Mexico
    NYTRIX Same Private 198? Canada Metal
    OASIS Same Cranbus 1973 USA CA Prog
    OASIS Same Cranbus 1973 Canada Psych
    OCTOBER. After the Fall Private 197? USA MI Prog OCTOPUS 4 Confluents Private 19?? Canada Psych
    ODA Same Loud 1972 USA CA Hard Rock
    ODYSSEY Same Organic 1969 USA Garage Psych
    OHO Okinawa Private 197? USA Psych
    OKTOBER any Private 197? Germany Prog
    OLD MAN AND THE SEA Same Sonet 1972 Denmark prog
    OMEGA Michigan Ave. Fellowship 1969 USA IL Xian
    ONE First One Alter Ego 1987 USA CA Aor
    ONE ST. JOHN'S EVE Same Pharoah 1976 USA CT
    ONE ST. STEPHEN Same Owl 197? USA OH Rock/Psych
    OPUS 5 Contre-Courant Celbration 1976 Canada Prog
    ORANGE PEEL Same Bellaphon 197? Germany Prog
    ORANGE WEDGE No One Left but Me Private 1975 USA Hard Rock
    ORFEUS Lying to the Wall Lemco 1970 USA KY Psych
    ORPHEUS Same Private 198? Japan Hard Rock
    OS PESACADORES The Sound of Lonliness Private 1971 Germany
    Psych Prog
    OTHER HALF Same 7/2 Records 1966 USA Garage
    OTHER HALF Same Acta 1968 USA Psych
    OUT OF DARKNESS Same Key 197? England Hard psych
    OUT OF FOCUS Wake Up Kuckuck 1971 Germany
    OUTBREAK Master Stroke Private 1986 Canada Heavy Metal
    OVERLORD Same World 1985 Canada Heavy Metal
    OZ DAYS ?? ?? 19?? Japan
    OZZ KNOZZ Ruff Mix Ozone 1975 USA TX Hard Rock
    P205 Vivat Brutkasten 1978 Germany Prog
    PACIFIC SOUND Forget Your Dream Splendid 197? Swiss Heavy
    PAISLEYS Cosmic Mind at Play Peace 1970 USA MN Acid Psych
    PARZIFAL Legend (or Barock '73) Telefunken 1971 Germany
    PATERNOSTER Same Cbs Austria
    PAX May God and your Will Sono Radio 1974 Peru Psych

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