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    On Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 1:50:15 PM UTC-4, Nutella wrote:

    Yeah. I heard everyone got chased away by Postal. But, just in case
    someone is still out there in the wastelands.

    If /you/ are still here six years later...

    On Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 6:53:40 PM UTC-5, mjd wrote:

    my Xmas gift to rmgd, here is a link to the best unknown Xmas song
    anywhere, a true Philadelphia nugget, 'Christmas on the Block' by the
    tragic and inscrutable Alan Mann. It is about a blind family who
    always put up the best decorations on their block every Xmas. Alan
    Mann himselft died in 1987 at age 33 after falling out the window of
    his burning apartment building. Those rmgd'ers in other regions of
    the country, do your part - every time your local schlock radio
    station plays 'Last Christmas', I want you to call them up and request
    this song instead. I want you to threaten them that if they ever play
    Last Christmas again, we will send Wilson Goode to their city to go
    all MOVE-bomb on their ass....

    http: //alan-mann-christmas-on-the-block- Link fied:

    Alan Mann Band - Christmas On The Block (Upgraded Audio)

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