• Joe Spadafora (Joe's Place in Boston)

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    On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 4:44:22 PM UTC-7, David in NYC wrote:
    About two years ago, I posted on here about my finally figuring out
    Bit Torrent, and I mentioned that I downloaded a show from Joe's Place
    in 1974. I listed the titles, which included "Joe Spadafora Intro"
    and referenced Bruce's comment from Boston in 2003 (?), "Whatever
    happened to Joe?". (By the way, one of the greatest versions of "For
    You" ever followed that comment.)

    Well, I'm sad to report that Joe's sister e-mailed me with this note:

    "Hello- just found this site. Very sorry to say that Joe died in a car
    crash July 1989 in Florida. Joe was my older and only brother (11yrs
    my senior). He gave me front row seats to a Springstein concert in
    Boston in 1975 or 76. I was too stupid to appreciate them at the

    I'm way too young and from Michigan, so I never saw those shows. But
    I thought some of you here might have, might have met or known Joe,
    and might not have known.

    David in NYC

    I knew Joe. He was a piece of shit.

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