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    Bridget. Aug. 29, 2001 "Leonda I'm Coming Home" the "blueprint" prelude of September 11 2001. http;//www.reverbnation.com/williamkeithmahler has been since that fateful day inside every citizen in every countries soul worldwide. I've not received one
    penny for using my copyright protected song since then. It has been aired on countless radio stations, television stations and YOU ASCAP are supposed to keep track and total financial accounting for that. Many times over the years I've asked "is my
    Library of Congress protected song, my ASCAP protected song, the new national anthem? “ I’ve asked clearly on and off line at least 1 dozen times. Just this past month, I asked online “Should “Leonda (I’m Coming Home)” be the new national
    anthem?” Within less than seven days upon asking online, within the city of Boston at the Pine Street inn, not only I but a room full of men witnessed the question “a new national anthem”? There were people lined up and down each side of the
    railings and the question has yet to be answered.

    Fact, there’s a great reason why the story of “Sodom & Gomorrah” became reality in the Bible. It has become reality leading up to September 11, 2001 when we got a broken nose, kick to the ribs and straight to the ground face first smack. Since
    then, we have continued to be a Sodom & Gomorrah.
    Summer 1984, my then friend of whom became my aunt in law, Mrs. Janet Morris (of whom is ½ sister to President Vladimir Putin) we Janet and I laid the foundations for her book “The 40 Minute War” and the first cover of that book shows a black jet
    about to hit the capital building in DC. It is my song “Leonda (I’m Coming Home)” with the words, “may the sand flow through your fingers and when that crow flies, it’ll guide you on”. Well, Pennsylvania became the target once the “
    sandstorm and crow” flew along. The 2nd cover of the same book shows a detonation of a nuclear warhead over and through the DC capital building. Do we really need to keep behaving as “Sodom & Gomorrah”? My now ex-wife was whored by none other
    than Janet Morris, her aunt but my then friend, Shane William Kelly, her uncle, Christopher Crosby Morris and none other than Hillary Clinton too. I do not want any type of “deja-v u” occurring in the United States, a nuclear strike.

    You ASCAP have long time full advance notice of just exactly how important my song is to this United States. I may be one grain of sand on the beach but we are every beach in the USA and I do believe I am owed royalties that is quickly paid to me since
    August 29, 2001 and I do know full well you do have access to those records as dos the NSA and my Uncle James William Mahler, CIA operative himself can and will assist me as a Presidential Candidate of the USA.

    Mr. Bruce Springsteen used my song “Freedom” (created 09/19/01 and copyright protected that same night for his song “Devil’s & Dust” created and released between winter and spring 2005. He toured for six months and he used his song every night
    and he was nominated for a Grammy award. No doubt my song is the big brother of his smaller brother. Tower One is the middle of my harmonica solo, tower two is the center of his harmonica solo and although my song is over 6 minutes long, his is under
    five. He used my lyrics to create his lyrics and although his words are different than mine, his are subjective and adjective to mine. The guitar rhythms of “Freedom” although Mrs. Audrey Lee Kelly” is the creator for them, it is her strumming
    that Springsteen interpreted into his and not only the guitar, the harmonica solos to. Our full length story to his “Readers Digest” condensed story. And I do know full well just a few notes of my song “Freedom” is instantly recognized by
    complete fellow citizens and strangers anywhere I have been any time since it was released and I know the entire city of Boston is witness to that alone. So, YOU ASCAP I ask, not only pay me for current usage of my song and it’s airplay, sales,
    streaming of current tracking time, you ASCAP must as I request pay me for royalties you do have record of as sure as trees have roots since 2001, for not only using my song without my expressed written consent and it has not been given my written
    consent with my signature for usage by Bruce Springsteen at all whatsoever and you KNOW it ASCAP as does anyone everywhere worldwide that listened and read about the entire incident since summer 1984.

    As for the Irish band, U2, it is my “blueprint” a. k.a. my “rant” https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!topic/alt.fan.u2/zv4jH99tTnw “A HINT” written into the Usenet on May 7, 2014 no earlier than at least 5 months prior to U2 releasing
    their multi million and Grammy nominated album “How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”, track two “Miracle Drug” and they, U2 performed “Miracle Drug” every night of their near two year worldwide tour to support “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”
    ASCAP, although I am a huge fan, supporter and collaborator of both Springsteen & U2, they’ve not released my earnings via ASCAP to me at all and I know you do have them just as only less than 5% of the entire internet is in full view and the
    remaining 95% is in the Darkweb. Neither Springsteen and U2 has admitted to me in writing and especially to me in person at all. There is only one of me that came out of my mother’s womb, November 21, 1967 and the only other person, my brother Troy
    Mahler, March 29, 1970. Just this past week, I asked Boston Police to place into protective custody my “twin” Donnie. So ASCAP, I am a “chameleon” and I do have a “twin” but I am in “Full view” of my huge paycheck for the usage of
    my song “Leonda (I’m Coming Home)” and its known to the bone and core of every US citizen worldwide, no matter how close to the ground or how high I stand, letting go and letting God or holding it all in, I am owed billions for that one song alone.
    As for U2 and Springsteen, there is easily no less than $10,000,000 using my song and my rant without expressed written consent ASCAP. ASCAP you are a “guardian (Tinkerbelle) Angel) and I do know “dragons’” hold their winnings.

    I am a man and I am asking you Dragon, give me my money and all of it since September 11, 2001. Regardless or not what and how you lead your professional and professional lives, orientations etc, I know I am 48 years old, “courting and dating” a
    beautiful woman and I do keep in touch with distant relatives, ½ “twin” sister of Janet Ellen Morris, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg and we were within full view of each other with at least 20 witnesses whom were within 20 feet of us sitting
    down at tables outdoors, just to the front and left of the Trinity Church across from the Boston Public Library and I do know she is already in the know of why I am writing to you today ASCAP. “Sometimes the wait to pay the bills in the store takes
    hours, sometimes it takes minutes, on or offline ASCAP. I do want my back pay royalty check to not only include for past and present performances, for damages occurred along the way.

    OH, if you need any further examples? “Awake July 17”, “Awake By Ten” & “Awake Under” are the “Readers Digest “for the newest 3 part movie series of Star Wars. “Awake By Ten is the movement of “The Force Awakens” Parts 1 & 2 are
    already agreed and contracted upon by none other than my collaborator Mr. George Lucas of whom sold his rights to Star Wars films from the 1st to the 3rd. The only reason I ask not for royalties is simple. I asked George to donate his entire wealth to
    Education, currently 4.05 billion dollars as seeds and I will let the movements ofi my songs of my ASCAP prorteced sogns to and from “The Force Aakens” to parts two and three continued to be able completely free of charge. That is only for the
    movie, not the frachise such as toys, cups, Halloween masks and costumes, posters, internet websites, you name it, only the “Awake” three party trilogy is 100% free for education of youths worldwide. BUT NOT SPRINGTEEN & U2 at all. And for a fact,
    there is like two “ants” out of the hill, dozens and dozens if not hundreds around ASCAP. “Please remember you are absolutely unique just like everyone else”. You do know my album “NETBUDS” does include reissues of all my songs but some
    releases of songs including “Hello To You” (the first song I recorded before handing over to Adele’s attorney and business manager the complete lyrics to “Hello” prior to 2008. I do know Adele knows I am due royalties.

    December 24, 2004, within less than 20 hours prior to the Tsunami of Christmas 2004 in South East Asia, I created and released online the complete “Readers Digest” song of the entire largest earthquake in worldwide history, “Merry Christmas To You
    and I am the only person that is the copyright holder and I am the only person that gives exclusive rights to all my songs to anyone and that one song “Merry Christmas To You” shall forever remain completely free ASCAP but I do want complete
    tracking and analysis reports from as far back as the moment all my songs have been registered within ASCAP.

    Please, consider that “Bridget” is the mediator here, I do remember Bridget Anna Durkin my now ex-wife’s Irish Godmother and I will forever fondly remember her efforts to keep reality from being insane.

    I’ve been a Weapons Of Mass Protection since summer 2004 and the very notion came from my great grandfather, Gustav Mahler. I do intend to be a WOMP for all of us but I do know, I will be a Weapons Of Mass Destruction and I am aimed at Springsteen &
    U2. All three of us are members and you are the sole responsive entity to obtain my royalties before I do attack and annihilate both Springsteen and u2 in a real court of law in Boston, MA.

    Please send me my earnings as soon as possible.

    William Keith Mahler
    American Balance Party Independent Non-Party
    Presidential Candidate 2016.

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