• The Dream Team: The American Balance Party Independent Non - Party

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    THE DREAM TEAM: AMERICAN BALANCE PARTY INDEPENDENT NON - PARTY President, Vice President & Cabinet: The Ten Commandments,

    As a boy growing up under the age of five I told my father Richard Hall Mahler my #1 cabinet pick will be Winter Sergeant of Fall River, MA. as Secretary of Housing Urban Development. Winter and met for the first time June 2016.

    I also told my father my #2 pick for Secretary of Labor would be a man I meet on a sidewalk and he would tell me he is a "Jack Of All Trades". He's got Boston Native American Indian & Derek Jeter similarities and though in my mind as a youth I knew his
    name, he told me yesterday late afternoon October 10, 2016.

    My #3 pick for Secretary of Homeland Security is Mr. John McCarthy as he would be with " Lynx" a diamond stud nose blonde haired all American gypsy souled free spirit girlfriend of John of whom yesterday performed piano and strategically danced like a
    leaf in the wind as John also played piano and I remembered he plays guitar too. Of course this was old news to myself in Eastham as a boy explaining to my father whom heard my choices for the first time.

    #4 pick for both CIA & FBI director would and is my fathers brother from my grandmother Elizabeth "Betty" & "Alice" Hall Mahler, never sleeping USMC KIA Vietnam War Veteran my Uncle James William Mahler!

    #5 pick for Secretary of State is as I told my father at age and 29 my step dad and my step brother of whom became my relatives in 1983 is none other than Persian Gulf Veteran & current Massachusetts State Police Detective Thomas Forest, son of David
    Forest a U.S. Navy enlisted Destroyer officer, currently "out at sea" retired full service gas station owner and school bus driver with code name "Gone With The Wind* Cary Grant.

    #6 pick for Secretary of Arts & Sciences as I explained to myself and my father as well is none other than Janet Jackson.

    #7 pick for the Secretary of Defense I described to my German bred father at age 29 is none other than the most elite home run hitter of all time, middle easterner in all regions and all respects is none other than as he is for real as my fingers are
    upon this android phone whom has truly come home (he never really left) for the 2nd right on time Jesus Christ :) !!!!!!!!!

    (And on the) 8th day in Eastham before 1976 pick is a friend of mine of whom I've never physically wrestled nor raised a mental fist against, for Secretary of Health & Human Services is the man equal to myself as I am the worlds most elite singer song
    writer of the modern times, the beat on the kick pedal, emotional, devotional cymbal crashing, snare drum smashing combo of Jesus Christ, Richard Gere, Tommy Lee, Joe Perry, John Rambo, John Bonham, Eric Carr and Peter Criss: ;) Terry "Fitzy" Fitzgerald.

    "Little Engine" #9? The chief law enforcement officer in all of the United States of America (my father saw this one coming in Eastham). Who's a crow? Who's state of body heart mind soul spirit? Who's Chicken? Of course wheat spaghetti and with meatballs
    and marinara sauce and chicken as well, name your beer and shot, I'm trying to quit ciggies and cigars but rest assured as an law enforcement drinks coffee and eats pastries, the leading spokesperson other than myself (consider it done) the availability
    of the sale of marijuana equally as inexpensive as a pack of cigarettes today, 20 full sized "420's" in each soft or hard, small, medium or 100's pack in every store where tobacco products are sold. Sniper as Roddy Piper my comrade Mr. Wesley Snipes

    The #10th commandment in the back of our pink Cadillac from the backstreets and jungleland to the darkness on the edge of town to the light of day, when there's a lonesome day the rising may be a long walk home growing up reason to believe I'll meet you
    further on up the road my brothers under the bridge freedom from devils and dust he's born to run as our Vice Presidential candidate Bruce Springsteen!!!

    Musicality Non Lethality
    American Balance Party
    Independent Non - Party

    The only cost is not financial I request of all of you, sometimes its like a rainy day when you only see sunshine rays...

    You don't have to spend any money directly to this campaign but please know I've been hitch hiking since July 6th, 2016 and must've walked 500 miles from Cape Cod to Fall River finally to Boston wearing very few of the same clothes and eating and
    sleeping with soldiers of all colors and faiths the entire time. Mass DTA, Medicare B, Mass Health & SSDI.

    ..As easy as it was to write pages and paragraphs, riddles and rhymes, lyrics and music every day and night, who should you choose?

    Petitions are not needed when you write my friend Bruce Springsteen for Vice President and myself William Mahler for President come November 8, 2016

    Any day and or night
    This is our song
    Individuals of life.

    Yours truly,
    William Keith Mahler


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