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    168. "Devils & Dust," Devils & Dust. Yet another song written from the perspective of the veteran, this time from the second Iraq war. It's a gritty, evocative tribute that wholeheartedly supports the soldier while questioning the conflict.



    So, AAIQKbB?

    Exactly as MY harmonica solo does go, "tower one"
    Exactly as Bruces harmonica goes "tower two"
    The I I so says I, me myself and I?
    I am the people of these lands
    Meet us in the field of hopes and dreams.

    Geezus and oh Mighty God Bruce!



    TV Movie?
    Yep, from inside the screen out to your scene
    All or nothing at all? Yep, the two towers did fall
    Bring on the night?
    The 40 Minute War cover #1, a black jet of a night missed us all blinded by the light.
    Further on up the road? Paddle on, to a distant shore...
    Somehow someway, we might may find, something beyond, that love be so blind. May the sand flow through your fingers and when that crow flies, it'll guide you on. Somehow some way, I am coming home again, I am coming home again, to my love, my one true
    friend, I'll make you happy, I know I'll make you cry. I'll give you my love, all the time. When we're alone, with the spirits who listen and talk. We may decide on our eternal walk. Someday our child, one or two, will know at least your love and what
    I'll put you through. Under our roof, massive or small, with a fire burning and as our child crawls. We'll sing together, country and blues. You lead the way, I"ll try my best, to satisfy you. Woman Leonda, I am coming home.

    Flight 93
    Devils = jet #1 that turned around
    Dust = followed the same trail as #2 that is fact.

    the 4
    TV? Yep, the first hit wasn't on live tv. "movie" video!
    All? Just the two towers, nothing of the White House AT the THUMB of the five fingers of the Pentagon.
    Bring on the night? Blindfolding the blind makes perfect sense to me, for obviously God & Allah, Tower one and Tower Two's last wishes were for nobody to see.
    Further on up the road was a trajectory for ME, who's me? I am the ENEMY of ME, so to know ME is to understand me, logically, I love Jesus and honestly, he's no enemy to me, just the terrorist inside of me.

    Yes, I've gone on record to state Terry Fitzgerald is the second coming of Christ but remember the word IS is a question and fact.
    Slap me once,
    Slap me twice
    Come third time, it's high time, me and Jesus walked the streets of Boston Yesterday and he's quite nice! Football and over six feet tall, with a quite mountainous leftist pink face, just like the light across the only photo of my Uncle Jimmy across the
    left of his face. The one man I certainly understand who briefly understands the case, is the President himself Obama and I did seem to trace, briefcases and logistics, if I am a quarterback again, who'd carry the codes to unleash the beast across the
    land? Obama, no drama, please understand why Jesus does have the nuclear football in his right hand. So we all ate cake, brown, white and quite mixed in, yesterday, no one but myself it seems said proudly and loudly, Jesus Christ is in this place!

    So believe me brother, yes I love you it's true, Troy you are coming back as my firstborn, it's you!
    ISIS was and always will be Wonder Womans twin, a comic book legend, coming back again!
    ME? I'd rather be decapitated instantly than die by injection, slowly of course, but truly, and rudely, by knife, I'd slice my own head off of course! Without remorse? Electriction? Ya, I'm headed for it, been there before, "Ride The Lightning &
    Electrical Storm" Smoke, brimstone and fire, the Carnival of Souls, the first KISS album of death makes sense of course. 1997. It was the summer of 84, me and Craig we walked today, knowing then as we both fried for our past present and future sins I
    write today. Craig? He's dead since 1994, as for me, Billy, I'll live til at least 83, why? It was the summer of 83 and I remember it well, the devil said freely hey lets not be silly there's a ACE ready to tell! ROCK SOLDIERS COME! ROCK SOLDIERS GO!
    THE landing pad of flight 93, from the stages view, the baseball field, oh David Ortiz's last home run, coming don't you go!

    From small things big things come
    Sometimes it's like a rainy day when you don't see nothing but sunshine rays?! When you only know it's your dues that you have to pay. Moving one step forward and two steps back sometime today. Let me show you.

    173. "TV Movie," Tracks. A fun rockabilly romp, recorded at the same time as "Stand on It" and "Pink Cadillac." Listen carefully for Professor Roy Bittan tearing it up in the background, doing his best Jerry Lee Lewis impression.

    172. "All or Nothin' at All," Human Touch. A sexy, fun little number with a backbeat you can dance to. Bonus points for not sounding overproduced or mechanical, like so many of the other songs on this record.

    171. "Bring on the Night," Tracks. This one was left off both Darkness and The River, probably because the ideas it captures weren't quite finished thoughts. Later, Springsteen successfully cycled back through them with "My Love Will Not Let You Down."

    170. "Further on (Up the Road)," The Rising. The world's greatest bar band doing their thing with a song about moving forward, keepin' on, and taking next steps.

    169. "My Beautiful Reward," Lucky Town. This country-and-western-flavored track is the artful conclusion to a record full of longing and unanswered questions. It's about a lifetime spent searching for answers, but ultimately coming up empty-handed.

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