• Dirty Bomb Inauguration Day

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    Last night, I learned Mila Azul's actual New England neighbor's area of existence. To think she is of a prominent family, Silverman, makes me
    wonder why a psychiatric professional would be free to roam, enslaving countless people. Mila Azul is a Silverman, some of her best buddies,
    oh well. It could be said that communications person of the Trump
    admin, made one of the last calls as Trumps people. That person,
    easily why everyone has a "twin". Kylie Rocket, gave up seemingly her
    work, as she was Ashley, not only of Ohio, but southern state area, a
    Mcnair. Amazing, Mcnair, without so much as a word pursed from my lips,
    well, her words stated, she knows who I am. Terry 14402511978 is,
    the man from the US, making the hijack threat against the DC capital,
    even now hearing his "uhuh". Feds seem to believe according to
    Newsweek, the threat originated around New York. As of this writing, www.beenverified.com refuses to connect. Vilified she is, clean on the surface, knowing that she may very well be "Leonda 2.0" in film
    portraying my ex-wife. For this reason alone, she was given a new phone
    and number, as to where and who? D Howell. Mentor Police of Ohio, has
    not arrested him as of yet, of course, under observation. Would I not
    be taken seriously?

    As for Mila Azul, aka Silverman of the New York area, knowing Kylie,
    it's easy for me to understand, Both owe me money! However, if they understand the meaning of a non nuclear era life full of radiation,
    they contact, me and or M2 Technologies, as I am a member of M2. The
    thoughts that escape my mind and do not make it here. I refuse to drop
    my drawers and be in public, NC17 as either, especially Kylie, a quickie
    in public?

    And ya wonder how America can justify the choking of Iran?

    On a quiet note, as if my email, my career is managed but I've no
    contract signing with anyone. There is no valid reason for all my work
    to not come in fruition at least in an imbox, undirected and not chosen
    as to exactly the sole purpose, direct response of my work. I'm only
    getting a trickle, there is a flood being diverted. The silence of soul
    and spirit, the more I hear and vision, the more money it translates
    too? Who's rules do you think I live by. Both Kylie & Mila talk money
    all the time. "All I need is $300" The persistent quest for money
    despite truth spoke, non there.

    Where does the money go? It feeds the economy, paying for your
    medicare, and you get pennies on the dollar, the sign of a contract with
    a major record label, at worst, you don't have rights to the art/music
    you are the originator of.

    Both has had chances to make that money come true for me, translate my
    work into funding, with no prostitution.

    Last night, i found three major companies that of all, represent and
    translate my work into financial solution's, as if these companies were
    built only for people like me.

    Mila married? Her husband is pissed.

    I only work with those who are pertinent to thee story he or she wants,
    their voice, their thoughts, unknown to the world around us and afar.
    2X weekly 1/2 speak via phone, a direct line to me is mandatory.
    Including, direct number to be used by me, to reach my client anytime.
    Porn or terrorism? Which one would I be more likely to be slain for?
    After Morris & I our book that terrorizes the namion, 16 years prior to September 11, 2001 and our federal government pays us? Ya, those weary
    of selling their bodies, deep in ssed of untold stories. IF Bin Laden
    can be in Norway now, if Diana can be on Cape Cod late summer 2003, if
    Robin Williams with a cane next to me, if Jerry Garcia, missing finger
    and all can be around me at times, one would think, those two?

    Be it I am an average go to guy, not a GQ model, maybe that is why no
    women beyond a "hi" say much even in OkCupid.

    If you want to get ahead, share your spoken thoughts.

    I expect to live a life, the quality, untold to me.

    Oh, METART? Since when are you refunding my unused paid membership?
    If I wanted to, I'd be on the inside of your very programming software, leaving the guts of your world, open to everyone but that is not my
    intent. Maybe your message is clear, but have to purchase myself what
    you claim is for members, when I actually am a memmber, there is always
    a torrent or two way too. Mila, at the least, the work you created
    while hanging around with me, inspired by me? I ought have a copy or
    are you that greedy?

    The source of hijack threat maker here:

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