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    From Marc S@21:1/5 to Graham on Sun Oct 9 10:36:10 2022
    Graham schrieb am Samstag, 25. Juni 2022 um 23:27:36 UTC+2:
    On 2022-06-25 2:07 p.m., Marc S wrote:

    So how can the NYR of Books say “it rose under Reagan to approximately 15 percent”? That’s because in Reagan’s second year there was a very serious recession, and the poverty rate reached 15%. But the NYR of Books creates the impression that
    it rose during the 8 years that Reagan was in office, which is simply not true. Poverty fell under Reagan. it was Jimmy Carter who presided over a surge in poverty."

    We got you first time!

    I know noone cares, but I thought I should correct myself here, after reading more about the economic policy under Reagan and its effects, I shouldn't have defended it here.

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