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    But I'm not sure if anything of this generation really hits me to
    the same degree as with some music of the previous generation....
    I'll give these Willaert recordings some time, though.

    Dionysos Now! has 3 Willaert releases now -- these aren't on CD
    though, fwiw. Also a new "Live 1" EP that is the _Missa Inviolata_
    (torso?) of a certain Maistre Jhan....

    But the item I actually wanted to mention here, with some parallel
    points of interest to some Willaert items (as discussed before),
    is the new Lusitano recording by the Marian Consort on Linn. Lusitano
    was apparently better known as a music theorist, and these motets
    from his 1551 publication are well worth hearing alongside Willaert
    for "technical" music of this era.

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