• Re: What do you do when you're bored and don't know what to listen to?

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    As title.....

    You feel jaded, bored, familiar with all the stuff you usually listen to, or whatever.

    For instance, do you challenge yourself with something new e.g. new music, or go for some kind of comfort music to cheer up your spirits?
    (Y. upload):

    César Franck - Nocturne pour Contralto et Orchestre - Christa Ludwig, Daniel Barenboim 1976
    (Y. upload):

    Cesar Franck - Nocturne [v: Elly Ameling -- pf: Rudolf Jansen]

    (Y. upload):

    César FRANCK - Nocturne (Louis de Fourcaud) - Bruno LAPLANTE, baryton

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