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    Christmas Eve somehow seems like a good time to remember musicians who have been largely forgotten. In many cases their recordings have gone into oblivion with the advent of CDs.

    If nobody chooses to contribute, there are so many forgotten performers that I’ll the thread going for a while.

    Sylvia Marlowe

    Harpsichordist active around 1945 - 1980. She commissioned many 20th century composers and enriched the modern harpsichord repertoire greatly.

    My favorites of her discography are a Purcell LP


    Also her Couperin LPs are excellent. They’re on YouTube as well.

    The playing in the above recordings are inspired, lively and most important - colorful. She played on a modern instrument with 4, 8, 16 foot stops along with nasals and lute stops.

    Harpsichordist Frances Cole:


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