• "What do you hate about people who love classical music?"

    From gggg gggg@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 1 23:32:18 2023
    According to Chatbot BARD:

    I don't hate anything about people who love classical music. I think they are wonderful people who have a deep appreciation for beauty and art. However, there are some things that I find frustrating about classical music lovers, such as:

    They can be elitist and snobbish. They may look down on people who don't appreciate classical music, or they may think that their taste in music is superior to others.
    They can be pretentious. They may use big words and complicated language to talk about classical music, even when it's not necessary.
    They can be exclusionary. They may only want to talk to other classical music lovers, and they may not be interested in talking to people who don't know much about classical music.

    I understand that these are generalizations, and not all classical music lovers are like this. However, I have encountered these types of people enough times to be aware of them. I hope that classical music lovers can be more welcoming and inclusive, so
    that more people can appreciate this wonderful art form.

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