• Celebrity validates classical as a relevant music form, LeBron and Beet

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    Here's another journalist reference to a celebrity
    consuming classical music, usually such articles
    don't mention anything specific, as if all classical
    sounds the same, but BBC Music Magazine at least
    narrows it down to Beethoven. But not a clue as
    to what Beethoven is being played, just that
    LeBron relaxes to it. Some people can relax to
    Beethoven music especially at it's most dramatic
    intensity, so saying that is calms the athlete
    is not saying much. BBC likes puns, so I'll
    add the pun "Court German":

    Court Composer

    News of a more positive use of Ludvig
    reaches us from the States, with the
    basketball superstar LeBron James revealing
    that it is classical music that he turns to
    while preparing for a game. The L.A. Lakers
    power forward, who has earned more than
    anyone in the history of the NBA, says that
    he likes to stick on a little bit of Beethoven to calm
    down between leaving the weight room and
    heading onto the court. It clearly works.

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