• Re: "Will Barnes & Noble´s Next Chapter Be Its Las t?" (recent article)

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    (2023 Y. upload):

    "i hate the Barnes and Noble remodel"

    You want us to watch a 26 minute video that you haven't even
    watched yet? It appears to be a talking head who is too
    lazy to write out her complaints other than to say that
    the new carpet is ugly:


    "Since 2019 Barnes & Noble has been making their way through remodeling their stores. After a brief reorganization last year, I thought my store the The Grove was safe. Until I walked in and saw new shelves, plastic, and maybe the ugliest carpet i have
    ever seen. Let's talk about how I hate the Barnes and Noble remodel."

    There, I just described the video more than you did.

    Please don't be a DK clone with the undescriptive
    youtube links.

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