• La Wang tickles Brahms and Haendel

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    light weight, dull


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    You must really admire Ms Wang since you reference her performances all the time! Almost every day!

    It is no wonder that openAI has this to say about her...

    "As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Yuja Wang is a highly regarded classical pianist who has gained significant popularity in the classical music world. She is known for her virtuosic performances, dazzling technique, and bold stage
    presence. Yuja Wang has a large following of fans and has built a significant international career, performing at renowned concert halls and with prestigious orchestras around the world.

    Yuja Wang's performances are often well-received by both audiences and critics, and she has received numerous accolades for her musical talent and contributions to the classical music field. She has also gained attention for her unique and sometimes
    controversial fashion choices, which have added to her public profile and popularity.

    It's important to note that popularity can be subjective and may vary depending on geographical location, musical genre, and individual tastes. However, overall, Yuja Wang is considered to be a prominent figure in the classical music world and has a
    substantial following of fans who appreciate her performances and artistry."

    And then there is this...


    "The beautiful and extraordinary Yuja Wang, though quite young, has emerged as a magnificent talent. By the age of 21 she was already an internationally recognized concert pianist, giving recitals around the world. She has a recording contract with
    Deutsche Grammophon

    Her combination of technical ease, colouristic range and sheer power has always been remarkable … but these days there is an ever-greater depth to her musicianship, drawing you into the world of each composer with compelling immediacy. It used to
    bother Wang, when she was younger, that audiences initially compared her to Lang Lang, the Chinese prodigy (improperly , according to some,) known more for his showmanship than his technical skills.

    Audiences don’t make those complaints any longer. Wang won over Europeans, Asians, North Americans, and probably extraterrestrials also with her ability to play with both drama and dexterity. She combines brilliance, energy and color as well as emotion.
    The Washington Post calls her “arguably” the hottest pianist in the world; they won’t get an argument on that from me!"

    And there is also this...


    "One of the most prodigious talents of her generation, Chinese-born pianist Yuja Wang has been wowing audiences since she made her international debut in 2007. She’s won awards for both her performances and recordings, including a Grammy nomination for
    Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (with orchestra) for her 2017 album Fantasia. And she achieved all of this before the age of 30. If you’re looking for a modern-day piano virtuoso, Wang is definitely one to watch."

    You sure know how to pick a winner, Dan!

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