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    On Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 9:21:33 AM UTC-5, Terry wrote:

    Check this out:


    Perhaps it’s silly to comment on an eight-year-old thread, but I'm going to do so anyway for the benefit of anyone else who finds their way here while looking for the version of K. 525 used by Bill Watson.

    Terry, the version you link to above, with Bruno Walter conducting the Columbia Symphony, has been reissued numerous times on various Columbia and Sony Classical Mozart compilations and is readily available. Although it is not the one mentioned later in
    the thread by Watson's son, Jean-Pierre (by the Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet) it is equally familiar and “right,” at least if I can trust my decades-old memory. I am therefore forced to conclude that Watson used *both* versions at different times in
    his show's history.

    I wish you'd said something about how you found this recording, but I am nevertheless pretty sure that it IS in fact half the answer.


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    He used: Collectors Series (mono only) MOZART: EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK, K 525/A MUSICAL JOKE, K.522 VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QUARTET Josef Hermann, double bass/Hans Berger, 1st horn/Josef Koller, 2nd horn (Westminister ABC Records W-9035) (18292)


    Jean-Pierre Watson


    Jean-Pierre, I'm sure I speak for everyone here, and anyone finding this thread in the future, in saying that we are grateful you saw this discussion and took the time to provide your authoritative answer to our question.

    Thanks to the just-initiated Apple Classical service, I was able to immediately listen to the Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet you name and confirm that it matches my memory. Huzzah!

    However, elsewhere in the thread, Terry cites a recording by Bruno Walter and the Columbia Symphony and again using Apple Classical found that somehow it *also* sounds right. Is it possible your father used both versions at different times? I’d love
    for you to hear it and tell us if that's possible. My current opinion is that was indeed the case.

    Your dad was a big part of my education in classical music, for which I'll always be grateful. Best wishes to you and all his surviving family.


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