• Re: New Van Beinum issues on Dutton

    From Lawrence Kart@21:1/5 to Roland van Gaalen on Tue Mar 21 16:37:05 2023
    On Sunday, July 2, 2000 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Roland van Gaalen wrote:
    rkha...@adnc.com wrote:
    : I am just getting my ears around two new Van Beinum releases on Dutton.
    : 1. CDK 1210: Brahms' 1st symphony (COA, rec. 20.ix.47), coupled with the
    : Academic Festival Overture (LSO, 1947, Clemens Krauss) + Alto Rhapsody
    : with Ferrier (LPO, 1947, Clemens Krauss).
    : [...]
    : The Brahms 1st compares favorably with his excellent stereo recording on
    : Philips [Dutch Masters Brahms cycle]. The early Decca recording sounds
    : faster and more incisive. [The notes say that it was recorded in one
    : day and that only first takes were selected for issue].
    : [...]
    I dislike this Brahms 1; it sounds rather decaffeinated in comparison with for example the 1951 Furtwangler / Concertgebouw recording (not to mention the intensely feverish 1940 recording by the same orchestra under yet
    another conductor). In my opinion, this recording is nothing special
    and of interest to Van Beinum or Concertgebouw Orchestra fanatics only. Roland van Gaalen
    Could it just be my copy but. the sound on the Brahms First is execrable. Not surface noise, I think, but a continuous dull lower-register roar, like a load of gravel being unloaded. Anyone else hear this?

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  • From Andy Evans@21:1/5 to All on Wed Mar 22 07:32:47 2023
    I'm very fond of Van Beinum but his recorded repertoire was very traditional - maybe he was more contemporary in his live concerts?

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