• Piotr Stianek and Miroslaw Lem - Modern Art

    From Marc S@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 20 05:21:19 2023
    Pianist Piotr Stianek and Miroslaw Lem performing "Hurz":


    Background: Hape Kerkeling, a German comedian, and his friend Achim Hagemann fake being polish musicians infront of an unsuspecting audience who have been told that they are hearing excerpts of a new opera by a contemporary artist.

    Translation of the text: "The wolf... the lamb... on the green meadow. The lamb... screams... Hurz!"

    Hurz has no meaning, he just came up with it. Unfortunately the video is cut and we can only see a short clip (*the laughter was added later); I remember the audience taking them seriously and asking questions etc which made it even more funny.

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