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    Le dimanche 26 mars 2000 à 10:00:00 UTC+2, Derek Lim a écrit :
    Dear r.m.c.r,
    Maybe this is in the wrong forum, but I think I've got the right one.
    The question is, who can name the piece of music that Tom Ripley played
    in one of the last scenes (sight-reading yet!) on his piano, when his
    friend the conductor interrupted him with a bit of a rag piece? I know
    it's by Bach, and could swear it's a Sarabande, probably from the first French Suite, but I can't be sure -- can't remember the music that
    well, just that it had probably had a 4-time tempo with a 'throbbing'
    beat in it. Did anyone watch the movie? I really enjoyed it, and all
    its classical music -- the "Italian" Concerto in Italy! :)
    Thanks in advance,
    Derek Lim

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    Before you buy.
    hello it s Bach : italian Concerto in F major

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