• Re: Beethoven's late string quartets?

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    What are currently your favourite recordings of Beethoven's late
    string quartets? Vegh (2x), Talich, Tacacs, Petersen, Tokyo, Budapest (2x?), Alban Berg (2x), Hollywood, Vermeer, Suske, Guarneri, Leipzig, Smetana, other Quartet?
    Off the top of my head, the Hagen and Smetana (1960's) quartets. And
    I love what I've been able to find of the first Juilliard recordings
    on RCA.

    (Y. upload):

    "Jan Swafford on Beethoven's Late Quartets"

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    MELMOTH avait prétendu :
    So I just listened again last night to the 5 LB concertos by Gilels/Masur 'Live 1976)...And just now to the symphonies 1 and 6 by Szell (which I hadn't
    heard in decades by this conductor!)...Of chilling perfection...

    Gilels has recorded the body of the 5 concertos 4 times :

    - lukewarm water: with Szell
    - hot water : with Ludwig/Vandernoot/Cluytens
    - very hot water : with Sanderling
    - boiling water : with Masur

    Are you getting treatment for your burns?
    May I reecommend silver sulphadiazine?


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