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    doux mélismes suivants :

    Do you have one?


    This recommendation contains at least three surprises (for me): (1)
    Pablo Casals is still alive; (2) he stopped playing the cello and conducting and turned to singing instead; (3) he does so on a CD which I actually own - I guess I seriously need to listen again!
    You might be able to recognize some grunting noises, but I would not
    call that "singing".

    Among my favorite currently active Schubert singers are certainly
    Christian Gerhaher and Christoph Pregardien. They recorded the cycles as well as some mixed recitals. Among the more recent ones are
    "Abendbilder" by Gerhaher and "Lieder von Abschied und Reise" (Songs of Farewell and Travel) by Pregardien. Pregardien (in his late fifties?)
    may not be so fresh of voice nowadays, though, his son is already an
    active singer as well...

    Have you heard Pregardien on Menahem Pressler's 90th birthday concert cd?:


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    Do you have one?

    How about Fleming's cd?:



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    Even if today's singers don't make recordings on the same massive scale as Battle's generation, and the one before - that doesn't mean they aren't singing Schubert for recital audiences.

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