• Re: Sowerby plays his piece Carillon at St. James, Chicago, 1946

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    Here is an mp3 transfer of Leo Sowerby playing his piece Carillon, H.
    (1917) on the Austin at St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Chicago in
    1946. The disc was made for a
    commercial concern named Diapason Records--no relation to the
    magazine. It is
    slightly abridged to fit a single side of a 78 rmp disc--the other
    side and a
    whole second disc were devoted to his Prelude on "The King's Majesty"
    H. 277
    (1944). I posted this--one of the most famous/popular of Leo's 90-odd
    works for the organ--on an pipe organ related list-serv--but thought
    one or two of this group;s devotees might enjoy it. This disc is
    almost by defination a rarity--and this is a dub I received decades
    ago from the late and legendary chamber music collector/merchant
    marine, Tom Clear. http://rapidshare.com/files/144012398/SowerbyplaysCarrilon1946.mp3

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