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    Wagner, the repulsive giant
    The Times Literary Supplement, 5.8.31 http://www.the-tls.co.uk/this_week/story.aspx?story_id=2111843

    Peter Williams

    The last of the Titans. Translated from the German by Stewart Spencer Joachim Köhler
    688pp. | Yale University Press. £29.95 (US $40). | 0 300 10422 7

    If, on one hand, you ever wanted to know what a swine Richard Wagner
    was, this is the book to tell you. It does so at length, in reliable detail, calmly, without prurience, perfectly backed with
    documentation, and in a translation whose only fault is in giving no Translator's Notes for in-house German references. Joachim Köhler sustains his story with new ideas, revises other interpretations and modestly deconstructs Cosima née Liszt's creation of "Richard Wagner Enterprises Inc". (This she developed so far as to keep Parsifal
    exclusive to Bayreuth...

    According to this:

    - At the outbreak of WW2, Hitler had performances of Parsifal banned throughout Germany, including at Bayreuth. His reason was that the work was too pacifist for a nation at war.



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