• Re: Menahem Pressler at 93, live at 2017 Ruhr Festival

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    On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 9:21:44 AM UTC-7, Bozo wrote:
    Mozart - Fantasie en do mineur, K. 475

    Debussy - Cinq Preludes, Book I - La plus que lente - Rêverie - Clair de lune

    Chopin - Mazurka en si mineur, op. 33 - Mazurka en fa dièse mineur, op. 59/3 - Mazurka en la mineur, op. 67/4 - Ballade No. 3 en la dièse, op. 47

    Enregistré le 14 juillet à Ruhr Piano Festival 2017


    (2022 Y. upload):

    "Watching Menahem Pressler 90th Birthday Concert"

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  • From Herman@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 28 00:22:21 2022
    In my view Pressler is to be thanked for the complete Haydn piano trio box, but frankly that was a long time ago. I know a lot of people who just cannot get enough of him getting older and tinier, but really, if you're going to an Ever Shrinking Pressler
    recital (or are watching a video of just a "standing ovation") you're not going to a recital by another artist.

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