• Re: Best recording of Holst's "The Planets"?

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    : What is your opinion as to the best recording of Holst's "The Planets"? I
    : am looking to buy a _compact disc_ of it and I am looking for some input. : In terms of both performance and the recording quality, which do you feel
    : is best? At last count there were about 70 available CDs of "The Planets"
    : so any help at all in narrowing that down a little would be greatly
    : appreciated. Thank you for all your time and help.
    Excellent: Mehta on Decca, Dutoit on Decca
    Very good: Mackerras on Virgin
    Good: Karajan's several versions (in particular on Decca), Previn (Emi)
    Not so good: Previn on Telarc (unfortunately, the one I own :-( )...

    (Y. upload):

    "André Previn & The London Symphony Orchestra - Holst - The Planets (2010 Vinyl LP)"

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