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    I have always loved the genre of Lieder, or art song, call it what
    you will to cover its manifestation in various languages. But most
    of my explorations of new music these past years has been outside
    of the 19th century, and I have remained with Schubert, Schumann,
    Brahms and Wolff but not exlored the work of others.
    Recently, I have been buying recordings of Anne Sophie von Otter
    (Brahms, Grieg, Sibelius) and found them delightful. So here is
    a question: are there other composers who wrote good Lieder?
    The Scandinavians seem particularly promising.
    Two records may be of interest to you. One is an ancient series
    of recordings made during World War II by Berlin Radio with pianist
    Michael Raucheisen. Raucheisen attempted to create a comprehensive
    document of German art song up until that time, and recorded tons of
    stuff, from the usual stuff by Beethoven, Schubert, Wolf, and Brahms
    to all manner of novelties and unusual stuff, such as Zelter, Weber,
    and many others...


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