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    From Gerard@21:1/5 to All on Thu Dec 1 10:55:51 2022
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    - acceptance of plain asocial behaviour: 20;0%
    - useless posts about economics: 4.7%
    - "good manners, decency, respect, etiquette are antiquities - we live
    in the Trump era" posts: 3.9%
    - "This group is about antisemitism because I am about antisemitism"
    posts: 3.6%
    - "having serious mental issues seems to be the norm on this ng - look
    at me for instance" posts: 3,3%
    - "go fuck yourself" posts: 2.2%
    - " I hate the people here" posts: 2.1%
    - "go fuck yourself you brainfucked imbecile" posts: 1.9 %
    - "You "never" understand me" and "You probably won't get what I'm
    saying here either" posts: 1.9%
    - "I will stop discussing things with you that are clearly over your
    head" posts: 1.8%
    - serious efforts to make and keep this ng a pleasant, friendly,
    interesting and nice place for sharing opinions about recordings of
    classical music: 1.7%
    - "Fuck off henk... you really know nothing. There is nothing I could
    learn from you." posts: 1.6%
    - "You are just an arrogant idiot who is ignorant beyond doubt" posts: 1.6%
    - "I don't like this, I don't like that, I don't care for such, I don't
    care for so, I'm not interested here, I'm not interested there" posts: 1.6%
    - "Henk, please shut up" posts: 1.5%
    - "Your arrogance is just almost on the level of Herman. Go fuck
    yourself henk." posts: 1.5%
    - "In my tribe everyone else is an Israel basher" posts: 1.4%
    - " I really have no intention to invest further time talking to an
    idiot like you." posts: 1.4%
    - "Grow up you deranged piece of shit!" posts: 1.3%
    - "If someone attacks me, he must be an antisemite" posts: 1.3%
    - "I am Jewish, so you are an antisemite, unless you agree with me and
    with other Jewish posters" posts: 1.3%
    - "Everyone who is not an antisemite, wil become one after reading my
    BS. So I am the worst antisemitic of all" posts: 1.2%
    - "You're a sick antisemilibertarian" posts: 1.2%
    - "if someone never recommends recordings by Jewish musicians, he must
    be an antisemite" posts: 1.2%
    - "This group is a bunch of idiots" posts: 1.1%
    - "you fucking narcissist" posts: 1.1%
    - "We need Trump to defend the west" posts: 1.0%
    - "this ng is full of clowns" posts: 1.0%
    - "this ng is full of idiots" posts: 1.0%
    - "this ng is full of antisemites" posts: 1.0%
    - "I am sick" posts: 1.0%
    - "enjoy yourself with the antisemites and idiots in this group" posts:
    - "I really feel bad for your daughter for having a brainfucked imbecile
    and narcissist as her father" posts: 1.0%
    - "I don't like the insults, but I will always attack those who protest
    against insults" posts: 1.0%
    - "EXCREMENT !!!" post

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