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    From Andrew Clarke@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 30 16:00:25 2022
    ... but I have had continuing problems with the ROH app for Google Chromecast / Google TV. This has produced (a) a Guidance warning that usually sits at the top right of the screen, occasionally masking people's heads (b) lapses in picture quality,
    including pixilation and (c) in the case of opera, the default is no subtitles, and it is far from obvious how to switch them on.

    I've been able to overcome these problems by accessing the ROH site via the browser on my phone and then Chromecasting the old-fashioned way, thereby avoiding their crap app. Picture is excellent, sound ditto, no intrusive guidance warning, and subtitles
    appear by default.

    The Alice in Wonderland, based loosely on Lewis Carroll, was written for ROH principal ballerina Lauren Cuthbertson, who is wonderful. For dislikers of Eurotrash excesses, this production is an example of how to use special effects intelligently and
    harmoniously with the rest of the piece.

    Andrew Clarke

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