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    "Free markets" are pure fiction as long as only governments can
    print money. Crypto currencies were imagined to address this

    Crypto currencies were only ever a cynical cash grab by anti-social
    people online.

    And turning a medium of exchange into a form of wealth was an idiotic
    move, that happened long before those people ever got involved, but
    I digress....

    Of course, "free market" didn't always mean what people mean by it
    now -- i.e. a tool to make rich people richer & poor people poorer.
    When criticisms of losing the free market began in earnest (in
    Europe) in the early 17th century, the "free market" they were
    lamenting losing was a place, shortened from the term "free & public
    market," and it meant that everyone could be there and that all transactions/prices were public. (It was mostly the emergence of
    secret deals that commentators were lamenting.)

    Making all transactions public again would be one worthwhile reform.

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