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    Speaking of American composers, be sure to check out Mohammed Fairouz. Recordings on Naxos and Sono Luminus. Twenty-eight years old, American-born, raised in New York City, son of Palestinian mother and father (both doctors), trained at Curtis
    Institute and New England Conservatory. I have two CD's: Native Informant on Naxos and Critical Models, a disc of chamber works, on Sono Luminus. The former is especially recommendable, especially for the solo violin sonata (superb), and piece for string
    quartet and baritone called For Victims. All works written in last three years.

    The BBC has called Fairouz "one of the most gifted composers of his generation." The New York Times described him as an important new artistic voice, and a review last September noted: "[H]is Middle Eastern roots show through in the music itself,
    which skillfully blends Arabic maqam modes with Western forms. There is much to like about Mr. Fairouz's unfailingly melodic music, but there was a lack of structural vigor and dramatic tension in many of the works presented here that resulted in moments
    of aimless drift."

    ArkivMusic: http://tinyurl.com/n6poq8s
    Profile in Los Angeles Times, November 30, 2013: http://tinyurl.com/nyyhmxc
    Upcoming radio program featuring the music of Reza Vali:



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