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    From Lawrence Kart@21:1/5 to Andy Evans on Mon Nov 21 20:30:08 2022
    On Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 4:31:04 AM UTC-6, Andy Evans wrote:
    On the subject of Goebels I just dipped into some Brandenburg #3 on YT, and Koopman and Freiburg Barok were sounding nice until I played Goebels and just broke out into a huge smile. That guy certainly had his foot to the metal. Loved it!

    For something delightfully different: Reger's (1907)n arrangement for two pianos of the Orchestral Suites -- Piano Duo Seidel-Trenkner (MDG). Yes, delightfully and Reger don't seem to go together, but trust me on this.

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