• "Music in Nazi Germany - The maestro and the cellist of Auschwitz | DW

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    Seems like an interesting documentary. But the Germans did not turn into Nazis over night (as one of the first sentences claims), there was enough antisemitic foundation in their mentality and what lead to Nazism didn't disappear with the end of the war.
    Germans (and many other people as well) seem to think that there was a break with the past. But there wasn't (as I already pointed out: Nazis went into German politics etc, and the Germans generally didn't want to take any responsibilty for what has

    To quote Joseph Wulf (a German-Polish Jewish historian): "I have published 18 books about the Third Reich and they have had no effect. You can document everything to death for the Germans. There is a democratic regime in Bonn. Yet the mass murderers walk
    around free, live in their little houses, and grow flowers."

    In regards to Furtwängler: He failed as much as most of the Germans in taking any sort of responsibilty. He thought of himself as being accused wrongly, instead of reflecting about himself and what he did and not did more critically. He failed morally,
    yet he was unable to admit it (to himself as well as to the world). I have no respect for such attitude, but I respect him as a conductor.

    Many Germans in regards to Ukraine tell me that it is morally wrong to supply them with weapons, that one should not send weapons into territories of war - thinking of themselves as being morally superior. But you see: They have learned nothing from the
    past. How exactly was Europe liberated from Nazism? Through force. And then you have Baerbock who says that "Germany will do _anything_ to make not only Germany, but the whole world climate-neutral" - The Germans are on a mission to save the world again ;
    ) This is a bad sign. I hate the people here generally, but I love the history and culture ;D

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