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    Monarchy is a medieval concept that has no room in a modern society.
    The British one in particular is nothing more than a PT Barnum branch. Aussies really need to have their heads checked for brain damage.

    Presumably so do Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Belgians, Netherlanders, Spaniards, Tongans, Japanese and Malaysians...

    According to this 2022 book:

    - So, where a monarch has aristocratic support, the monarch is either just delegating some of his power, or is merely a figurehead in what is essentially an aristocratic or oligarchic regime. This latter case is the position in present-day European “
    constitutional monarchies”, including those of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. These countries are monarchies in name only. Despite all the elaborate trappings of power, pomp and ceremony, grandiose titulature,
    and all the bowing and scraping, the present-day “sovereign” of the United Kingdom, for example, is not sovereign at all.


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